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March 30, 2013
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"Quite a temper you got on you for such a neutral person." You sneered looking out through a large window. The rain droplets had tiny races to the bottom, streaking the pane with water streaks.

"Quite a mouth you got for a dumb girl," Vash retorted as he angrily stomped around the den.

"At least I don't go shooting random people." You retorted as you turned to face the Swiss man.

"I do it to protect myself and my sister!" he stood up facing you, his blood full of rage.

"What about me? During the War of Flames? Didn't seem to protect me at all." You snapped.

"I wasn't going to take sides," he replied.

"Yeah, I got that," you sighed turning to face the window again.

A sheet of lightning flashed across the sky, illuminating the dark forest that surrounded Vash's house. You sighed again resting your head on the cold window pain. A few tears running down your face, as you starred out into the dark stormy night.

This had been one of the many fights you and Vash have had recently. Your relationship seemed broken ever since the War of Flames. A brutal war that your country was thrown into, fighting against powerful nations like Russia and Germany. Vash had always made a promise to shoot down any Ally or Axis aircrafts that crossed his land and one day even shot down your own aircraft.

You demanded an apology from the stubborn blonde, but he didn't think you deserved it. He had warned you not to cross his land, yes even he wouldn't make exceptions for you. Sometimes it felt like he didn't even love you anymore.

"You killed my own people," you softly cried breaking the silence.

"I told you I wouldn't make exceptions even for you." He argued.

"Whatever, I am done here." You stated under your breath, walking out of the den and up to Lili's bedroom. She had let you stay in it during the times were you and Vash fought.

You walked up the creaking staircase. You held onto the railing tightly, your knuckles turning white. Tears fell down your face rapidly, as you quietly sobbed. You finally reached Lili's room and quietly knocked on the oak door.

"Lili," you hiccupped.

The door slowly opened to reveal the small blonde. Her large green eyes held concern and sadness. You knew the small girl heard you and Vash's fighting, she always had hated it. She gently took your hand in hers and led you into the bedroom. She flashed you a small sad smile as you sat on her bed.

"Big brother didn't mean it," she softly said trying to comfort you.

"If he didn't mean it. Shouldn't he apologize then?" You questioned the young girl. "I feel as if I am like one of Greece's ruins. It hurts so much to always fight with him."

"It'll be okay ____," Lili smiled, you could see a small tear running down her face.

"No it won't," you protested crying into your hands.

Lili came and sat beside you on her bed. She rubbed circles on your back trying to soothe you.

"This fighting isn't worth giving up your relationship." She piped. "You should both apologize to each other."

"Even if you can get him to apologize. The fighting will continue I just know it." You sobbed.

"Your arguments are just like battles. You have to lay down your arms and surrender." Lili pointed out.

"He's neutral, it's not like he even has sides." You snorted, a small smile appearing on your wet tear soaked face.

"Just take a break, you're welcome to stay here as long as you need." Lili offered, smiling up at you.

"Thank you Lili," you stated hugging the small country. "For everything."

"You're just like a sister to me ______!" She declared giggling.

"And you as well are like my little sister." You smiled.

Vash slammed his hand against one of the den's walls as you walked upstairs. A small tear fell from his green eyes. Lightning flashed outside again, the rain pouring down faster. It hit the window like tiny bullets.

Vash sighed as he heard your sobs coming from upstairs. He wanted nothing more but to protect you and his sister; but a promise is a promise. He made it very clear that you shouldn't fly any planes or aircrafts over his land. He would shoot down any Ally or Axis aircraft. Maybe that was wrong, maybe that was a mistake. He should've made you an exception. He didn't mean to hurt you or your people. He was just in his nature to do so.

The Swiss male retreated from the living room and began to aimlessly walk down one of the many halls in his estate. He found himself at the bottom of the main staircase. He had an inner argument on whether to go upstairs and apologize or not.

Part of him wanted to, because he cared deeply for you. The other part wanted to just shoot you for ever even being on his property. You were an Ally, he was neutral. It just shouldn't be, but he wanted it to.

Nothing is ever built to last, not even relationships. Regardless though, Vash was going to try and fix this. He cared deeply for you, as did his sister; and he didn't want to see both you and Lili heartbroken. That for sure would kill his soul and break his own heart.

He shakily climbed the stairs, a million thoughts clouding his judgement and mind. He took another shaky step, slowly climbing the thirteen steps.

He finally made it to the top, he bolted down the hall towards Lili's room. He was about to walk in when he heard your muffled cries and Lili's voice trying to soothe you.

"Your arguments are just like battles. You have to lay down your arms and surrender." He heard Lili point out.

"He's neutral, it's not like he even has sides." He heard you snort, causing the corners of his mouth to twitch into a smile.

"Just take a break, you're welcome to stay here as long as you need." He heard Lili offer you.

Her analogy was right, your fights were like mini battles. Except in those cases he wasn't neutral but the opposing side. He was willing to lay down his arms figuratively and physically around you. He would surrender to you if it meant you'd forgive him.

This is it, he thought to himself. The moment of truth.

You had your head resting against the window sill of Lili's bedroom. Said girl was on her floor drawing a picture with some coloured pencils. You watched the rain hit against the window pane, it sounding like pebbles were being thrown against it.

"Or bullets," you laughed quietly to yourself. You heard Lili's door creak open catching your attention.

"I'll be right back ____," she softly said. Your eyes never left the window in front of you.

"Alright," you stated.

You sighed resting your head on the palm of your hand. Another flash of lightning illuminated the sky. In the reflection of the window you saw the dazzling green eyed man you hated but at the same time loved.

You immediately whipped around to face the Swiss. His face was emotionless as always, but his eyes held all the emotion he wanted to convey. You slowly got up from your spot and tried to brush past him, not wanting to face Vash.

"No wait," he stated grabbing your wrist. Your turned your body so that you were facing him.

"What?" you asked impatiently as a tear fell down your cheek. Vash instinctively reached forward and wiped it away with his thumb. His pale hand never left your face.

"I-I," he stuttered.

"Sorry?" you replied.

"Y-Yeah, I am sorry." He repeated, looking down at you.

"As am I," you softly said. "But I don't want to fight anymore."

"Neither do I. I truly am," he cleared his throat as he tried to say the word again. "Sorry. I shouldn't have shot down your plane."

"I shouldn't have sent them over your land." You sighed in defeat.

"I'll lay down my arms, if you're willing to give us another shot." He offered.

"I'll lay down mine as well." You smiled starring into his green eyes.

He leaned down closer to you, so your faces were now only inches apart. You could feel his warm breath on your lips as he built the courage up to softly press a kiss onto them. You wrapped your arms around his neck. When you pulled apart he held you close to him as more silent tears fell down your face.

"Everything will work out for us." Vash stated.

"I love you," you confessed into his chest. The Swiss blushed violently as he held you even closer.

"I love you too," he replied.

One, twenty one guns, throw up your arms into the sky, you and I.
I just had to write a story about Vash based on the song! I watched the video after I wrote this, the beginning scene of the story is like the video! I literally didn't mean for that to happen. I hope Vash isn't too OCC, I mean he somewhat will be because of the storyline but yeah. In this story Russia joined the Axis! It was only for the story's sake, I wanted the powerful nations to be teamed up in the made up war. I highly suggest reading the story while listening to the song.

I do not own Hetalia or it's characters. I do not own the song or video. I do not own the preview picture.

I do own the plot however.

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