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April 11, 2013
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You walked along the bitter cold streets of Kingston, Ontario. The snow covered the sidewalks and streets, making it a tad slippery to step on. You shoved your bare hands in your pockets as you walked to Confederation Park. The street lights and bustling bars of downtown could always make you smile. The small city was always so lively and friendly.

The Christmas lights that hung around the buildings made it that much cheerier. Although most people were at home spending time with their loved ones on Christmas Eve. You still saw a few couples walking hand in hand down the sidewalks, smiling gleefully.

Your  friend Matthew had invited you to the small Ontario city for Christmas break; which you eagerly agreed. You already knew that Matthew was the personification of Canada; so it was only natural that he'd want to visit the Limestone city. For it was the first capital of his nation, and he never wants to forget it.

In the distance you saw the familiar blonde Canadian crouched over by the frozen fountain, bear by his side. His jacket clad back faced you, as you ran towards him. Eagerly you ran over to your friend and kneeled beside him. Glancing over his shoulder you noticed the blonde was working on a tiny snowman. Which looked more like a bear than person.

"Hey Matthew," you chirped, earning a startled yelp from the Canadian.

"O-Oh hi _-____," he greeted nervously as he regained his composure.

"Sorry didn't mean to scare you," you apologized.

"N-No it's alright," Matthew assured you as he resumed working on his snow bear.

"Making a snow bear?" you asked leaning closer to Matthew. A violent red blush painted his pale cheeks.

"W-Well yeah," he stuttered.

"Mind if I help?" you questioned turning to face him.

He in turn looked you right in the eye. His purple eyes gleaming. "I'd like that a lot," he admits.

You smile as you began to help your friend build his snow bear. It started to look a lot like Kumajiro, which the bear found almost intriguing.

"Who are you?" it asked the snow bear.

"It can't respond, it isn't real." you giggled stroking the snow bears back to level out the snow.

"_-____! Your hands! Aren't they cold?" Matthew asked as he noticed your frost bitten hands.

"J-Just a tad, I didn't think we'd be building a snow bear." you confessed.

"D-Do you mind?" he nervously asked grabbing your bare hands in his gloved ones.

"N-Not at all," you blushed.

Matthew held your hands tightly in his Olympic gloved hands. A light pink blushed dusted both of your faces as the two of you looked into each other's eyes. Soft snowflakes fell from the grey sky above the two of you. The powdery flakes dusted Matthew's hair, causing you to crack a smile.

"B-Better?" Matthew asked looking at your hands.

"Yeah, thanks." you smiled tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.

"A-Anytime ____," he blushed turning back to the snow bear the two of you created.

"I love the snow," you sighed looking up towards the fluffy flakes.

One gracefully fell down and landed on your nose. You went cross-eyed as you observed the frozen flak on the tip of your nose. You felt someone watching you, you turned your head to see a flustered Matthew blushing madly.

"M-Merry Christmas," Matthew stated holding a small box out towards you.

You gingerly took the small box out of his hands, and held it in your palm. His purple eyes studied you, as you opened to lid of the box. A smile grew on your face as you looked at the content on the box. It was a small amber coloured maple leaf on a golden chain.

You took it out of the box, dangling the charm but the chain. Your eyes scanned over the piece of jewellery, admiring it's beauty. You were about to put it around your neck, when a hand caught your wrist.

"M-May I?" Matthew stuttered.

You nodded in agreement and handed him the maple leaf necklace. You could feel the heat radiating off Matthew's face as he leaned closer and looped the necklace around your neck. He shyly moved your hair to the side and hooked the necklace in place. Your brought your hand to the charm and thumbed over it's interknit detail.

"Thank you so much Matthew," you smiled turning around so you could face the Canadian.

Immediately you brought the already flustered Canadian into a big bear hug. Hugging him closely you nuzzled your face into his jacket, loving the warmth it gave you. Hesitantly Matthew wrapped his arms around your neck waist holding you closer to him.

"I got you something too Matthew," you mumbled against his chest.

"O-Oh, you d-didn't have to get me anything," he stuttered.

"Of course I did," you laughed getting out of the hug. "Now close your eyes," Matthew cast you a confused look. "Close them," you mockingly scolded.

He slowly shut his violet eyes, a very evident confused look still on his face. Hesitantly you leaned closer to the Canadian. Ever so slowly, you placed your lips on his. Matthew's eyes immediately opened, he stumbled backwards from his kneeling position.

"_-____, I-I," he stuttered, a blush growing from his neck to his cheeks.

"Sorry I shouldn't have done that," you apologized looking away from his stare.

"Y-You like me?" he questioned.

"Yeah I do," it was now your turn to blush.

"I-I like you too," he confessed. "W-Well actually," he cleared his throat. "Je t'aime ____."

You whipped around to face the Canadian, with wide eyes. "J-Je t'aime aussi."

You then felt a pair of soft lips of yours. You recognized them as Matthew's. You closed your eyes and melted into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck.

"Now Kingston will have another reason to be my favourite city," Matthew shyly stated as he broke the kiss.

"And what is that?" you asked laughing.

"I-It was the place where I finally got to call you mine," he stuttered. "I-I mean only if you-"

"I'd love to be yours," you sighed hugging his side.

"I-I'm glad," he sighed kissing the top of your head.
I know it's not Christmas time. If any of you live in Southern Ontario you may know why I am writing this. Yeah, that upcoming blizzard we're getting tonight. Yay for blizzards in the middle of April! I hope there is no school tomorrow, snow days in April. Perks of being a Canadian!


Anyway I do not own Hetalia or the preview image all credit goes to the rightful owners. I found the image here:[link] I could not find the original artist, as soon as I do I will properly credit them!
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Kira-Nyawn Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fluff, fluff everywhere...
I wish I could get a love story like this...
AngelofLight22 Jun 27, 2013  Student Photographer
Kumajiro: who are you?
Me:-dying from his cuteness-
ChinaTetoSan Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Welcome to canada, where you get all 4 seasons in one month.
Then come to England and deal with unpredictable weather and be extremely ill all year round. ^^
I'll even let you get drunk! Cause that's how we roll over here! XD 
I'm WAY too young to drink
How old are you? Over here people get drunk at the age of 11. I got drunk at that age. XD 
Ummmmm... Im not allowed to give my age online sry
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