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March 3, 2013
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"Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you." You sang smirking at your duet partner.

"Nein, you can't." He replied crossing his arms over his chest.

"Yes, I can." You replied walking over to him and smirking again.

"Nein, you can't." He replied trying to avoid eye contact with you.

"Yes, I can." You replied almost in a sing-song voice.

"Nein, you can't." He stated.

"Yes, I can, yes, I can!" You said throwing your arms in the air, your partner started walking towards you, making sure his back wasn't to the audience.

"I can shoot a partridge vith a single cartridge." He sang putting his fists on his hips.

"I can get a sparrow with a bow and arrow." You sang trying to out do him.

"I can live on bread und cheese." He sang back.

"And only on that?" You asked.

"Ja." He replied cockily.

"So can a rat!" You laughed walking away from him.

"I can yump a hurdle." He stated, causing you to turn around to face him.

"I can wear a girdle." You smirked approaching him.

"I can knit a sveater." He smiled proudly.

"I can fill it better!" You retorted.

"I can do most anything!" He stated.

"Can you bake a pie?" You asked.

"Nein." He replied.

"Neither can I." You laughed.

The classroom went nuts after you finished your culminating duet for your vocals class. You and your partner Ludwig both bowed as the students and teacher continued to clap. You turned and smiled at Ludwig, he returned the smile his light blue eyes gleaming. You both walked back to the bleachers, near the back of the auditorium, you took a seat beside Ludwig's brother Gilbert who just so happened to be holding a video camera.

"Ze avesome me, ist video taping the less awesome ____." Gilbert said pushing the camera in your face. Ludwig took a seat on the other side of you.

"Gilbert put that away." You laughed pushing the camera away from you.

"Nein, I could miss somezing, and that vouldn't be awesome." Gilbert replied.

"Did you video tape the performance?" You asked Gilbert.

"Of course! Ist vas kinda awesome, but not as awesome as me!" Gilbert replied proudly.

"You video taped it!" Ludwig said anger filling his voice.

"You've should have expected it, it's Gilbert. Why did you even take vocals anyway?" You asked Ludwig, in return a rosy blush spread across Ludwig's face causing Gilbert to laugh loudly. "Is there something I missed?" This caused Gilbert to laugh even louder.

"Ist's nothing." Ludwig replied shyly.

"Gilbert why did you join vocals then?" You asked the albino man.

"Ludvig made me." He replied laughing, causing Ludwig to blush even more.

"Why did you make him?" You asked confused turning to the blond man.

"I, u-uh, I." He stuttered.

"Come on Ludvig spit it out!" Gilbert yelled as put the camera closer to you and Ludwig.

"I-Ich liebe dich." Ludwig shyly said, this was unlike the usually blunt German.

"Guys, you know I don't speak German very well, what the Hell does that even me-" You were cut off by a pair up lips roughly smashing on yours this caused you to blush.

"Ludvig, was that so hard? Ze awesome me now pronounces you boyfriend und girlfriend." Gilbert laughed bringing the camera closer to the two of you.

"You joined vocals just because of me?" You blushed as you pulled away from the kiss.

"Ja." Ludwig replied.

"Anyone you can find, I can find someone sweeter, That's how I ended up finding you." You softly sang to the tune from Annie Get Your Gun.

"Vell, anyzing you can say, I can say sveeter, I can say anything sveeter than you." Ludwig sang back hugging you.

"You know you do have a pretty good voice unlike your brother." You laughed as you heard the albino man totally start butchering the song ''Some Nights'' by Fun.

"Vell, you have a much sveeter voice." He replied. "Ich liebe dich."

"Ich liebe dich auch?" You said asking for approval.

"Ja, vill vork on you accent later." Ludwig smiled, as he brought you into another kiss. All while Gilbert sang and video tapped the two of you.

"Gilbert!" You and Ludwig yelled at the albino.
Germany x Reader story! This is the third story in my Musical Hetalia Series. I do not own Germany or the awesome Prussia, I do not own Annie Get Your Gun either. You belong to Germany, this plot belongs to me. I do not own the preview picture.

France: Lost In the Valley of the Night-[link]
England: The Way I've Dreamed You Were-[link]
Canada: Coming Soon!
America: Coming Soon!
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