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March 16, 2013
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You were just reading a book in your cosy living room when your ring tone began to echo through the room.

"Hello?" You asked.

"Hi-a ____!" You heard the familiar Italian accent of your boyfriend speak.

"Hi Feli. How are you?" You giggled.

"I am good bella! I was-a wondering if you wanted to come over tonight?" Feli eagerly asked.

"I'd love to Feli." You replied.

"Great! Come-a over at-a seven!" He exclaimed.

"Sure I'll see you there." You laughed.

"Ti amo bella!" He replied.

"I love you too Feli." You sighed as you hung up the phone.

You loved your Italian boyfriend with all your heart. He was just a bog ball of cuteness, he would always buy you flowers and call you bella. Even if you had to comfort him during a scary movie or after a day training with Ludwig, you still found it adorable. You both even had adopted a kitten together, although it mostly live over at Feli's house. You both still loved taking care of it together.

But lately Feliciano has been acting a little stand off-ish. Every time you would call him he'd be a little nervous, or every time you tried to hold his hand he'd pull away from you. For a while you thought he was cheating on you, but Feli wasn't that kind of person. You also thought that maybe he stopped loving you and he just couldn't bare telling you that. This thought still burned deep in the back of your mind regardless though.

Might as well go get ready you thought to yourself.


You had just arrived at Feli's house, it was a beautiful summer night and the air was just perfect unlike the usual heat waves this area typically gets. You resumed walking up the Vargas walkway. You nervously reached your hand out to ring the door bell. You heard shouting from inside the house. The door opened to reveal a not so pleased looking Italian with amber eyes.

"Fratello! Idiota ragazza is here!" Lovino shouted.

"Nice to see you to Lovino." You spat glaring at him.

"Big brother, she is not an idiota!" Feli pouted.

"It's alright, he's just a douche bag is all." You glared as Feli grabbed your hand and pulled you through the house. "What's the hurry?" You giggled as the Italian quickly dragged you to the back of the house.

"Close your eyes ____! I have-a surprise for-a you!" The Italian gushed.

"Alright, alright I am closing them." You smiled as you shut your eyes, you felt Feli resume dragging you, the sound of the sliding door and the faint sound of a violin filled your ears.

You felt grass softly brush against your sandal clad feet. You then felt the familiar hand leave yours causing you to pout a bit.

"Alright ____! You can-a open your eyes!" Feli cheered, you did as he said and opened your eyes.

The sight before you was beautiful, the Vargas' lived on water-front property, and sitting right in front of the beautiful over view of the lake was a small table clothed in black and white cloth. A candelabra let off a magnificent glow over the table. You walked over to the table and quickly hugged your Italian boyfriend.

"Feli! This is amazing!" You giggled as Feli kissed the top of your head.

"It's-a all for you bella!" He exclaimed as you released him of the hug.

"Feli? How do you say beautiful night in Italian?" You asked as you sat down on one of the chairs at the table.

"Bella notte." He smiled.

"Bella notte." You repeated. "So what's for dinner?"

"Pasta! I made it myself!" Feli exclaimed proudly.

"Of course you did, I love your pasta." You stated as Feli uncovered the large silver platter revealing a huge mass of spaghetti and meat balls.

"____! Look at-a the sky! It has stars in it's-a eyes!" He excitedly pointed out.

"It is beautiful." You gushed gazing up at the night sky.

"Not as beautiful as-a you ____!" Feli complimented causing you to blush.

You both dug into the pasta afterwards, enjoying the Italian delicacy. The large dish of pasta was almost done subconsciously you twirled a string of spaghetti onto your fork and plopped it into your mouth. You tried to continue to eat it but it seemed something was tangled in it, shrugging it off as more spaghetti tangled with it you kept eating. That was until your face turned and you felt a pair of familiar lips on yours giving you a chaste kiss.

"Sorry bella!" Feli apologized.

"Don't apologize, that was adorable." You cooed blushing, your ears picked up the sound of a violin again, you turned to see Roderich beautifully playing the wooden instrument and humming to himself.

"The night will weave its magic spell, when the one you love is near! Oh this is the night, and the heavens are right! On this lovely bella notte!" You heard the Austrian sing softly.

"Feli how did you get Roderich to play the violin for us? That's so sweet." You smiled you then turned around, you never would've expected what you were about to see.

It was Feli blushing furiously, he was on one knee and was presenting a beautiful golden ring in front of you.

"Bella, the reason I was-a so standoff-ish was-a because I was planning this surprise. I love you so much ragazza, even more than pasta! Please-a marry me bella, it'd mean the world to-a me." He gushed, a few tears of pure happiness ran down your cheek as you jumped out of you chair and hugged the Italian.

"Of course I will marry you Feli! Ti amo!" You cried happily, Feli pulled away and slid the ring onto your finger. He shyly gave you another chaste kiss before hugging you close again. He laughed and kissed the top of your head.

"Great! Now the kitty won't-a have to miss you so much." He smiled happily with you in his arms.

"Now I won't have to miss you so much." You giggled kissing his nose.

"Bella notte." Feli sighed.
Twelfth in my Disney Hetalia series. GAH! Why do I feel like Italy is really OOC :( I apologize! I think Roderich felt I little awkward in this story, just standing there playing to the violin.

I do not own Hetalia or it's characters, I do not own Disney or the videos. I do not own the preview picture or you. I do however own the plot to an extent, some of this story is directly based off the scene in Lady and the Tramp.

Bella Notte-

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