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A soft knock sounded from the front door of your apartment. You groggily got up from your spot on the couch and made your way to the ceramic door. You unlocked the various locks that decorated the frame and slowly opened it. Opening the door revealed the one person you didn't want to see at the moment.

A tall Danish man stood in front of you, his blonde hair defying gravity as usual. He sported his favourite black coat with red cuffs and wore a small black hat on his head. His blue eyes which usually sparkled now held a tinge sadness and regret.

"How've you been ___?" He asked. "May I come in?"

"Whatever." You said under your breath.

"I just came to get my things, then I'll be leaving." He mumbled.

You nodded in response and side stepped out of the way to allow him to by pass you. He immediately made his way down to the bedroom you two used to share. You heard the sound of drawers opening and closing. You sadly sat down on the beige couch that occupied your tiny living room. You grabbed a nearby pillow and let tears softly fall onto the fabric.

A pair of footsteps sounded from down the hallway. You tried drying your tears as the footsteps stopped right behind the couch.

"_-___? I," he stuttered, he had no idea on what to say. Or even if he should say anything to you at all.

He wanted to say things that you'd like to hear, tell you it was only temporary. Tell you how much he loves you and how everything will be alright.

"I-I am sorry for taking you for granted. Goodbye." He stated before walking out of your apartment the door slamming on his way out.

"Goodbye," you whispered into the pillow.

It has been weeks since Mathias had come to get his things from the apartment. He had been staying at his brother Lukas' house in the mean time. You put more of your belongings into another box, you were moving out to go live with a friend.

The apartment had been signed in Mathias name, and knowing the Dane he'd probably want the place back. Thus leaving you to scramble to find one yourself. After many more boxes and things being packed into your small car you decided to try and sleep.

Except sleep didn't come easily to you. You tossed and turned for the majority of the night, like you have been ever since you and Mathias broke up. You wondered how he was doing, probably hanging out with Gilbert and Alfred. Drinking beer and just being happy.

Sighing you threw the covers off your pyjama clad body and swiftly walked to a nearby window that over looked the bustling nightlife of the city. You clambered onto the ledge of the window and sat quietly looking at the flashing lights.

"Sometimes the one you want is not the one you need." You mumbled to yourself as you grabbed a picture that was on your desk.

Your thumb caressed the stained wooden frame. You smiled at the memory the picture held, you were thrown over Mathias' back and he was holding you up a large smile on his face and an unimpressed look on yours.

Your friend Tino had invited you to spend some time at his cottage with his brothers. You had only really met his older brother Mathias briefly, but Tino was your best friend so you agreed. You looked forward to meeting the rest of Tino's diverse Scandinavian brothers.

You had just arrived at the stone cottage, you reluctantly got out of your car, almost nervous to meet the rest of Tino's family. You were about to walk up the front walk when loud shouts of terror filled your ears. You looked around the property to see a tall blonde man running from a shorter platinum blonde man. The tall man noticed you and bounded straight towards you.

"What is going on?" You questioned as the tall man ran behind you, as if you were his shield.

"He's going to kill me!" The tall man cried.

"Wait Mathias is that you?" You tried to squirm free of his grasp but he was much stronger than you.

"____? Long time no see." He laughed, the platinum haired man began to approach you.

"____! He's going to kill me!" Mathias cried burying his face into your back.

"Tino! If you can hear me! Help!" you cried out to your best friend.

"Mathias, Lukas enough." A deep accented voice scolded.

The grip around your waist immediately disappeared. You turned towards the front porch to see a gigantic man with piercing blue eyes scanning over you and the two others. A smaller man popped up from behind him. His purple eyes holding an inviting glint.

"Hey ____!" Tino piped.

You were about to answer, but the shouts of terror returned. You turned to your left to see Mathias running from Lukas again along the water's edge that in circled the property.

You've been enjoying the time you got to spend with Tino and his brothers. You had grown especially close to Mathias. His outgoing personality enticed you to the point were you developed a crush on him.

"Hey ____." Mathias yelled towards you.

You were sitting on the sand reading a book while the guys played in the water.

"Hey Matthias, what's up?" You smiled shielding your eyes from the scorching sun as you looked up at the Dane.

"Why don't you come in the water?" He playfully asked, your tried not to stare at his bare chest as he stood in front of you.

"N-No thanks," you blushed.

"Why not?" The Dane whined.

"I just don't want to." You replied going back to reading your book, blushing violently.

"Well then, I'll just have to help persuade you." He grinned evilly.

You ignored his comment and kept on reading your novel. You suddenly felt yourself being lifted in the air and thrown over a shoulder. You twisted your body slightly to see Mathias smirking at you.

"Put me down!" You screamed as you pounded against his back.

"Not until you agree to be my girlfriend." He laughed as he carried you towards the sapphire blue ocean.

"Not going to happen," you sang.

"Fine then, I'll just have to drop you into the water." He sighed dramatically.

"You wouldn't," You sneered.

He grabbed you from his shoulder and held you bridal style in his arms. He then proceeded to pretend to drop you.

"Don't do that!" You screamed at him.

"Say you'll be my girlfriend." He smiled.

"No," you stated, you felt him to pretend to drop you again. You clung onto his neck not wanting to get wet. "F-Fine I'll be your girlfriend."

"Do you really mean that?" He smiled.

"I-I actually do," you blushed.

"Great now I can do this," he smiled as he leaned down to plant a kiss on your lips. After you two pulled apart he threw you over his shoulder again and carried you back to the beach,  were Tino was waiting with a camera in hand.

"Say cheese," Tino smiled as he snapped the picture of the two of you.

You smiled at the memory of you and your ex-boyfriend you placed the frame back where you found it. You looked up at the ceiling trying not to cry. The sound of your ring tone perked your interest, you got off the ledge and walked over to your phone.

"Hello?" You answered.

"_____, it's Mathias. I just came to say you can keep the apartment. I'll return my set of keys later, the bills and forms have already been refilled in your name." He stated solemnly.

"Why are you doing th-"

"Goodbye ____." He said before hanging up the phone.

You stood there holding the phone to you ear with a confused look. This was unlike the Dane, you were sure he would've been dead set of keeping the apartment. You put your phone back on the hook and sat on your bed burying your face into your hands.

"This wouldn't have happened Mathias, if you knew me by now." You cried.

You were working at your job at a small coffee shop on the corner of a busy street. It was just near closing time and you were resting your head on the front counter. A ringing bell caught your attention, you looked up to see a couple walk through the doors of the cafe.

Immediately you recognized the guy as Mathias, he was with a small blonde girl. They were laughing and joking around at each other as they took a seat in a booth. You hesitantly walked over to the table ready to take their orders.

"W-What can I get you?" Your voice squeaked.

"_-___?" Mathias asked surprised to see you.

"Glad to see you're happy and blessed," you smiled trying not to cry.

"Who are you?" The girl he was with asked me.

"I am no one of importance." You stated looking at your notepad. "So what can I get you guys?"

"I'll have a cappuccino," she smiled.

"I don't need anything," Mathias stated looking down at the table.

"Alright, I'll get you your drink right away." You stated turning on your heel and walking over to the coffee machines. You started to make the cappuccino when a familiar voice interrupted your work.

"That drink won't be necessary." Mathias stated, you turned around to glare at him.

"Why not?" You asked.

"The girl I was with left." He told you.

"Well then, I am closing up shop. If you could please leave." You tried ushering him out of the shop.

"Wait!" He called out grabbing your wrist. "I never stopped thinking about you, I never stopped loving you either."

"Well we don't seem to know each other too well." You spat yanking free of his grip.

"We can try and change it can't we? Can't we get to know each other better?" He questioned gently grabbing your hand.

"I should've known you by now, as soon as we're done you run off to another girl." You cried softly.

"I had to get my mind off you somehow!" He defended. "Please ____, I think I know you by now."

"Do you?" You sneered.

"I know you can't refuse me because you still love me too." He smiled causing you to blush. "See I am right, so what do you say? Give us one more chance?"

"I am sorry Mathias, I just can't. Not until we know each other better." You stated turning around and walking away.

"I am sorry!" He called out to him, he sounded like he was going to cry.

"I am too Mathias, I am too." You silently cried as you walked into the staff room.

You should know me, better than. You should know me by now.
I went to the Marianas Trench concert that was held in my town last night. So amazing<3 they touched my hand and winked at me! I was inspired to write this story based upon one of my favourite songs by them.

I do not own the preview picture, I got it from here:[link]
I do not own Hetalia or the song.

Song Link:[link]
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That's right. I, my self, also kinda dislike sad endings. But, you know, I will do what the reader's did. It feels more matter of factly when someone asked you to continue the broken relationship, according to the situation in your fic. Just my mere opinion. No offence... I really like this fanfic. Very much. Thank you for making this. :iconarigatouplz::iconthankyouplz: Lollipop for everyone!
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It was they're my idols, and it was also my first concert. It was a once in a life time kind of thing, et merci mon amour<3
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