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March 23, 2013
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You were reading a book in the middle of a large field. You were in the highlands of Scotland visiting family. You had wandered off from the reunion to do a bit of quiet reading. At the moment you held a book of myths and legends from Scotland. You were intensely starring at the pages of the chapter you were on.

Will-o'-the-wisps, a mythical creature usually said to be a fairy, that emits a bright blue or white glow. They're said to bring you to your fate and destiny. It also warns that they can lead you to your death, due to their trickster spirit.

You still wanted to see the creatures, go on an adventure. It would probably be one to remember for the rest of your life. After finishing the chapter in the leather bound book. You marked your spot with a ribbon and got up from your spot on the field. You headed back towards your relatives house.

To get back to the secluded house, you had to go through a thick tree infested forest. You headed back down along the dirt path, a small animal scurrying in front of you.

You felt a presence around you, almost like someone was watching you. You turned around to find the unsettling presence. Except nothing was there, you only saw trees and small critters that inhabited the forest.

Something caught your eye in your peripheral vision. You whipped around to see a tiny blue ball of light. You instantly ran towards the ball and were about to touch it, when it suddenly disappeared. You saw another one not to far into the forest, were you had previously found the first. You were about to run after it, but the shrill voice of your mother interrupted your action.

"_____! You got to come back now!" She yelled at you.

"Coming mother!" You yelled back, when you turned to see the creature it was gone.

You quickly looked around to see if you could find it. No such luck, it had disappeared. You immediately ran through the rest of the forest. Holding the leather bound book tightly in your grasp as your feet slammed against the dirt ground.

"Mother! Mother! You won't believe what I saw!" You shouted as you ran towards the woman dressed in your family's kilt.

"What did you see?" You mother laughed.

"Will-o'-the-wisps!" You exclaimed, a smile spreading across your face.

"Aye, you've been reading to many stories." She laughed, grabbing the book from your hands.

"No! It's true! I really did see them!" You argued.

"Stop being silly, you're old enough to know the difference between reality and myth." You mother scolded. "Now wash up, it's time for dinner."

"I did see them." You mumbled as you walked into the two-story house.

The sight of Will-o'-the-wisps still fogged your mind. They were just as beautiful as the book had described them. You wanted to see them again, maybe possibly find out if they did lead you to your destiny or not.

You sighed as you tossed and turned on your bed. You couldn't sleep, you were just too excited about actually have seeing the legendary creatures. You tossed the green covers off your pyjama clad body and walked towards the large window which overlooked the back yard. Your eyes scanned the forest to catch any sign of life.

Your gaze caught a glowing ball of blue light. You squinted to get a better look, and there it was clear as day. A ball of blue glowing light just on the edge of the forest. Your heart skipped a beat as you ran down the stairs, and onto the porch of the back yard. Not caring about your bare feet or lack of clothing you ran towards the forest edge to find the ball of blue light.

You saw the creature to your right and cautiously walked over to it. You reached out to touch it and it disappeared. Immediately another one appeared a few feet in front of you. You pushed a tree branch aside as you made your way into the thick forest, walking towards the creature.

"Are you going to lead me to my faith?" You asked it, the creature responded with an unnatural coo. "I take that as a yes." You laughed.

The creature you were talking to disappeared. Like before another appeared a few feet away from it. You followed the trail of glowing creatures, every step you took leading you farther and farther away from your relative's house.

The creatures lead you deeper, and deeper into the dense forest. You now were very cautious. The hoots of the owls echoed through the still night air, every crunch of a leaf caused you to jump in fear of the unknown.

Maybe they aren't leading me to my destiny, but to my death? You thought to yourself.

Suddenly the trail of blue light disappeared, leaving you in the darkness of the Scottish forest. This worried you more since the dense forest could hold many monsters, and your only light source was now gone.

"Hello? Will-o'-the-wisps? Where did you go?" You called out to the creatures.

The rustling of leaves sounded from behind you, causing your heart to race.

"Hello? Please come back!" You cried.

More rustling of leaves, and the sound of crunching leaves filled your ears.

"Please! Please! Come back!" You cried out in fear.

More rustling, and then sudden silence. It hung in the air of the night, you rather the rustling of leaves than silence. That way you knew where the attacker or monster would be.

"Frau vat are you doing out here?" A thick accented voice asked. You turned around to see nothing but pitch black night.

"W-Who are you? How did you find me?" You questioned. "S-Step into the light."

The stranger did what you asked and stepped into the nearby moon light. He was a tall man, with blue eyes that reminded you of Will-o'-the-wisps. He had slicked back blonde hair and sported a green army suit.

"I vas following the little blue lights." He responded.

"So was I, but the lead my here. You probably heard my yelling didn't you?" You nervously laughed.

"Nein, those creatures lead me straight here." He replied.

"Oh, that's weird." You laughed.

"Vell, they're supposed to lead you to your fate." He pointed out.

"You think we're each others fate?" You asked furrowing your brows.

"Vell that is how it's supposed to vork right?" He questioned.

"Y-Yeah it is..?" You drifted off.

"Ludvig." He replied.

"Pleasure, I am _____." You greeted.

"That's a very pretty name." He replied.

"T-Thanks." You blushed, this man was beyond attractive."So how did you come across Will-o'-the-wisps?"

"Vell, I vas at a training camp vith my friend Feli when I noticed the creatures. Our counsellor had told us stories about the creatures. I thought I'd vould give it a shot." He shrugged. "How about you?"

"I was in a field reading about them when I first saw one." You smiled. "I wanted to change my fate, I mean the chance was right there."

"Ja, I know vat you mean." Ludwig smiled stepping closer to you.

"S-So, I guess my fate somehow involves you." You stated.

"Und mine involves you." He replied, he stepped even closer causing you to blush.

He leaned down a planted a sweet kiss on your lips. You pulled away surprised at the sudden gesture and blushed madly.

"Vould you like me to valk you back to your home?" He offered.

"Y-Yeah I'd like that." You smiled as he grabbed your hand and let you lead him back to your house.

As you were walking you heard a shout coming from a nearby bush, you glanced up at Ludwig he just shrugged in response as you two continued walking.

"See Feli? I told ye ma friends would get yer friend his soul mate." A red-haired man laughed from behind the bush. He turned towards a small Italian man you smiled gleefully.

"Ve! You were-a right!" He shouted.

"Hush, or they will hear ye." The Scotsman scolded.

"Thank-a you Allistor! Ludwig will-a be so happy!" The Italian cried as he ran off in a different direction.

"Thank ye, Will-o'-the-wisps." He thanked as said creature appeared beside him, cooing in an unnatural voice.
Based off the legend of Will-o'-the-wisps with my own twist! The wee tricksters didn't lead ye to yer death! Lot's of quotes from Disney movies in there. Can anyone name where all the quotes come from? Brownie points if you can! Germany and Italy were at a training camp in a nearby town.

I do not own Hetalia, I do not own the preview image. I do not own Disney. I do however own the plot.
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Reminds me of Brave.
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xXArtimisXx Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Student General Artist
THIS CAME FROM BRAVE!!!!! I LOVE that movie!!!!!!!!!!!
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i want to live in scottland and find out more about my heritge there
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