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March 16, 2013
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"Idiota fratello! I don't-a want you hanging out with that-a potato bastard!" Your friend Feli's brother yelled at him. You could tell the smaller Italian was hurt that his big brother was angry at him, every time you came over Lovino would cuss up a storm. He especially had a hatred towards you for some unknown reason.

"Lovino that is enough!" You yelled at him. "Feli, go train with Ludwig or something I'll take care of your brother." You smiled to the smaller Italian.

"No! Don't-a you fuc-"

"Don't you dare finish that sentence Lovino." You growled as Feli ran out the front door.

"Idiota ragazza!" Lovino screamed at you.

"You think I am an idiota ragazza, and you've known me for so long it must be so." You spat looking up at the amber eyed man. "Still I can't see if the true idiota is me."

"You are an idiota, bella." He mumbled under his breath.

"There is so much you don't know about me, so much that you don't know." You sighed walking away from Lovino and over to the large window in the living room. You sat on a nearby chair and just admired the sights of the outdoors.

"Like-a what?" Lovino asked.

"Did you know that when I was fourteen I was submitted into the hospital?" You questioned. "I was put in the teen mental health floor for cutting. Or did you know that I was bullied for most of my life? Or did you know I was that one chubby kid in class everyone picked on?"

"No I-"

"Of course you didn't because you judge people, and are stubborn." You stated getting out of the chair and looking at Lovino.

"Ludwig is a potato bastard though!" Lovino protested.

"You also call Antonio a tomato bastard." You sneered.

"He is a tomato bastard!" Lovino yelled.

"There is more to them then what they eat." You scoffed. "They all have a spirit, a dream. A name!"

"Yes, potato and tomato bastard." Lovino smirked.

"You treat anyone that is not like you like shit! Like why? What has your brother ever done to you? He doesn't deserve you yelling at him and calling his friends names!" You argued.

"He-a is an idiota, ragazza." Lovino stated.

"Okay, Feli may not be the smartest person." You agreed. "But he has a kind heart! As does Ludwig!"

"Still a potato bastard," Lovino mumbled.

"If you walked in their foot-steps you'd see they aren't that bad." You sighed a tear of frustration slid down your cheek.

"Ragazza." Lovino sighed brushing the tear of your cheek with his thumb.

"You have to enjoy life, be an artist and paint with all the colours of the wind! Come on Italians are known for their art, channel your frustration or anger into art. Worked for Regina George." You smiled referencing Mean Girls.

"You watch-a to many movies." He scolded.

"Aren't Italians good singers?" You questioned.

"Ragazza that's a stereo-"

"Sing with all the voices of the mountains." You smiled grabbing his hand and dragging him outside.

"Where are we-a going?" Lovino asked confused.

"I am going to show you how to enjoy life and not cuss so much!" You smiled.

"I don't fuc-"

"If you want children when you are older, you won't finish that sentence." You scolded.

I definitely want children ragazza, but only if you're the mother Lovino smiled to himself.

"Come along, let's go run the hidden trails like Ludwig does! Or maybe taste Antonio's sweet tomatoes." You suggested pulling Lovino along the side walk.

"I will-a not go near any of those bastardi." Lovino stubbornly stated.

"For once give them some worth." You sighed in anger at Lovino's stubbornness.

"Ragazza just let me-a hate them!" Lovino yelled.

"It's wrong you have no reason to! You especially don't need to make Feli feel bad for wanting to hang with Ludwig!" You argued. "Both Antonio and Ludwig are my friends. Guess what when we die, all are souls go to the same place! It won't matter if they ate tomatoes or not! We are all connected to each other in the end!"

"That's a stupid theory." Lovino sneered.

"That's all you ever think, all my ideas are stupid." You sighed trying to keep the tears in.

"Ragazza I'm sorry." Lovino apologized sincerely.

"I see you treat all these other girls magnificently, but not me. Is it because of the fact I always scold you for swearing? Or trying to get you to stop calling Antonio and Ludwig names?" You questioned.

"Ragazza, it's just-a that ti amo." Lovino blushed.

"Ti amo? Is that some swear word you're saying in Italian so I won't scold you?" You spat.

"Bella, it means I love you." Lovino confessed.


"Bella, I am sorry that people have bullied you in your past. I am sorry that  have been cold towards you, I was just jealous you were spending time with my fratello and not me." Lovino sighed.

"Oh, I-I uh, I am sorry for yelling at you." You nervously said.

"No need to apologize,  I understand you just wanted to stop hearing the negative comments." Lovino sighed.

"Lovino, I love you too." You blushed, you felt a pair of lips brush against yours, you wrapped your arms around the Italian's neck and deepened the kiss.

"Big brother! Arthur is-a going to get me!" You heard Feli scream from behind you, you pulled away to see the younger Italian running full force at you and Lovino. An angry Ludwig was running behind him.

"Idiota fratello! Can't-a you see I was-a busy!" He yelled.

"Uh, nothing will ever change." You groaned.

But maybe that's the way it should be, you smiled as you looked at the scene before you. Feli had grabbed a hold of Lovino's leg while Ludwig scolded the red-headed Italian for running in retreat.

The apocalypse would probably happen if they didn't fight and if Lovino didn't swear, you laughed to yourself.

"_____! Help me!" Feli squeaked.

"I'm coming Feli." You laughed to yourself as you went over to help the Italian.
Thirteenth in my Disney Hetalia series! Oh my please don't hate me! I realize Lovino was OOC because he usually isn't like that towards girls, but he was just a perfect candidate for the song! I also realize it's a little rushed but please roll with it!

I do not own Hetalia or it's characters. I do not own Disney or the videos. I do not own the preview image or you. I do however own the plot.

Colours of the Wind-

English: [link]

Italian: [link]

Other Stories-

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Greece: Coming Soon!
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Sweden: Coming Soon!
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Nordics: Coming Soon!
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JadetheKidR9 Mar 24, 2014   General Artist
Me: Let's too run the hidden pine trails of th- *smacks into tree and gets knocked out*
Lovi: Idiota ragazza
This made me smile so much. Come on Lovi let's run those hidden trails! *Grabs Lovi's hand and runs but trips on a tree root.* Nevermind...
do Greece please ;-;
GAWD I realised it rhymes
"...and paint with all the colors of the wind" 
Oh mah god I looooooovvvvvveeee Pocahontas and that song!!!!!!!! 
Ti amo? Is that some swear word you're saying in Italian? - I DIED at this part
CaileyChan Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
all of the stories are named after a song from a movie i LOVE IT!!!!
itachanlover Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i like sung the words to this im so weird :iconderpfaceplz:
anyway this was soo cool how you put the lyrics in the story with it~~
Iceland4 Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Hey. U wanna know something? Im scots irish and english american cherokee.
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