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March 16, 2013
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"Hey Matthew?" You quietly asked as you softly knocked on his door, and stepping on to the maple hard-wood floor.

"O-Oh h-hey, _____." The quiet Canadian stuttered upon your arrival.

"What's up?" You asked awkwardly standing in the middle of the red and white room, Kumajiro was happily napping in Matthew's lap.

"N-Nothing, j-just thinking." He shyly said looking down at the sleeping bear. "Y-You can sit down. O-Only i-if you want t-to though."

"Well you seemed pretty deep in thought, you can tell me you know right?" You stated placing your hand on his and sitting next  to him, a rosy blush spread across the Canadian's usually pale cheeks.

"T-The other countries didn't notice me at the meeting again." He whispered.

''I'm sorry Mattie." You sadly sad resting your head on the blushing Canadian's shoulder.

"D-Do you want to know something _-_____?" He stuttered again.

"Yeah, sure what?" You asked gazing into his tear filled violet hued eyes.

"I-I h-have often d-dreamed of a place, w-where people will welcome m-me as a n-nation. T-They can even see me, t-they think I am a hero." He confessed.

"Does your country not think you are a hero? I mean your people look up to you. You've done so much for them Mattie you're their hero." You pointed out.

"I-I don't know, I w-want that voice inside of me telling me t-this is where and who I am meant to be. E-Except here I don't get that a lot." He tearfully said.

"Mattie it breaks my heart to see you cry please don't!" You whispered wiping a tear off his cheek. "I know you'll find your way, you've found it before. You can go the distance! Look at you! You're bigger than a lot of the other nations."

"I-I don't k-know I am not that strong." He stated.

"Matthew look at me." You demanded catching the Canadian's gaze. "You are strong, every mile you've been through is worth your while, alright?"

"I-I just want to find a place where I belong _____." He sobbed, jerking his bear awake.

"Who are you?" It asked in it's high-pitched voice gazing up at Matthew.

"I-I am.." Matthew sighed. "See even m-my own b-bear doesn't know who I am."
"Matthew. What's your bear's name?" You asked already knowing his answer.

"I-I don't k-know." He confessed.

"See, you forget his name. He forgets yours I say it's pretty fair.'' You smiled.

"W-What about t-the other countries? W-Why do they a-always forget about me?" He pouted.

"I am not sure, Matthew. If I had an answer I would tell you." You sadly said rubbing small circles on Matthew's back. The Canadian's cheek grew rosy again. "We can try and get you to be noticed?"

"I-I don't know _-____. It's an unknown road." He shyly said.

"But it'll help you find your fate and embrace it!" You exclaimed.

Though the road may wander______, I hope it always leads me to you Matthew blushed.

"I-I guess you're r-right." He flushed.

"Come on, you know I am right.'' You sang resting your head on his sweater clad shoulder.

"Y-Yeah I won't accept d-defeat!" Matthew proclaimed standing up from his bed, causing Kumajiro to fall on the floor. "O-Oh I-I'm s-sorry." Matthew apologized, the bear just ignored him and jumped trying to climb onto the bed.

He made it half way and tried pulling the rest of himself up. You laughed at the cute bear as you grabbed a hold of him and sat him on your lap. The bear immediately found a comfy spot in your lap and tried to fall asleep again.

"Who are you?" It asked again.

"I'm _____." You laughed, giggling over it's cuteness.

"S-Sorry a-again, u-uh bear." Matthew nervously giggled scratching the back of his head..

"Mattie, it'll be an up hill slope trying to prove yourself and get noticed. But I know you won't lose hope." You smiled as Matthew sat beside you again.

"D-Don't worry I can go the distance!" He proclaimed smiling.

"I know you can Mattie! I'll be right alongside you too!" You smiled at the ecstatic Canadian.

"Uh, _-____?" Matthew asked flustered.

"Yeah Mattie?" You replied.

"I, uh, I don't know h-how to t-tell y-you t-this." Matthew nervously stuttered.

"You like me don't you Mattie?" You smirked at the flustered Canadian.

"H-How did y-you know?" Matthew blushed, you picked up Kumajiro and put him on the hockey themed covers. You walked over to Matthew and grabbed his hands in yours and intertwined your fingers.

"I could just tell." You smiled looking into his eyes.

"I-I'm s-sorry, I-I shouldn't h-have said anything." Matthew mumbled.

"N-No, Mattie i-it's okay, I-I like you too." You blushed looking down at your feet.

"D-Do you m-mind if I-''

"I-I don't mind at all." You smiled, you felt someone grab your chin and tilt your head up.

You met a pair of dazzling purple eyes, both your faces inched closer  to each other before you know it you felt a pair of lips against yours. His lips had a faint taste of maple syrup, and you love it. You both shared a sweet chaste kiss before pulling a part.

"Je t'aime ____." He smiled his face redder than a tomato.

"Francis has been teaching you French?" You asked laughing.

"Uh, y-yeah." Matthew smiled.

"Je t'aime aussi Matthew." You said returning the smile. "By the way Matthew?"

"Y-Yeah ____?" He asked.

"You'll always be a hero to me. You'll never be invisible, you'll always find your hero's welcome waiting in my arms." You stated before enveloping the flustered Canadian in your hold. He immediately wrapped his arms around you and held you close.

"Who are you?" You heard Kumajiro pipe from Matthew's bed.

"He's my Canadian." You smiled kissing his warm cheek.
Tenth in my Disney Hetalia series. I felt so awkward writing this story for the very sole fact that I am Canadian and my brother's name is Matthew -.-, a lot of Canadians I know are actually named Matthew. Anyway, in this story you know that Matthew is a nation and such, my headcannon is that he's always wanted to be a hero like his brother proclaims to be.

I do not own Hetalia or it's characters, I do not own Disney or the videos. I do not own the preview picture or yourself. I do however own the plot.

Go the Distance:

English: [link]

Canadian French(Don't know why we need a dub version of this movie for francophones but apparently we do): [link]

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