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April 30, 2013
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This was it, the night you've been waiting for all week. Today was Saturday, Saturday evening to be exact. That could only mean one thing, Hockey Night in Canada. TSN was showing Canada versus Denmark at the moment. You had the honour of actually being in Stockholm to watch the event. Your best friend Matthew was on the ice at the moment about to start skating head to head with Mathias Kohler, who happened to be the best in Denmark.

"Go Matthew!" you cheered loudly, although he wasn't even on the ice yet.

You sported the traditional Team Canada jersey, with a pair of red jeans. On your cheek you dawned at maple leaf painted like the Canadian flag. In your hands you held a tiny stuffed polar bear that as well dawned a Team Canada jersey. You had brought it along for good luck, and were planning on giving it to Matthew after the game.

"Hello out there, it's Hockey Night tonight." an English announcer spoke. The crowd cheered in response waiting for the game to start. "Now please stand for the National Anthems."

Everyone did as they were told, and began to sing along to the National Anthems, starting with the Danes and ending with the Canadians. You sang your loudest along with a few other Canadians, who just so happened to already be piss drunk. It wasn't a new thing for people to get drunk during hockey games, it became almost a regular event at these games.

You noticed the players begging to skate onto the ice. You immediately recognized the tall lanky Canadian skate onto the ice. He may be shy and quiet outside the rink, but strap skates onto him and he becomes a completely different man. He glided against the ice, his hockey stick tight in his hands. His Team Canada jersey hung off of him, and his black helmet wasn't on properly yet.

"Kick their ass Matt!" you yelled towards your best friend as he skated by.

He stopped his skating right in front of you. He lifted his helmet with his bulky glove to get a better look at you. His cheeks were tainted a bright red as he cast you a small smile. He gave you a small thumbs up, before he out his helmet back on and skated away.

Soon after your small exchange with Matt, he had rejoined his other team mates and were now huddled in a meeting. In the mean time the Danish team had taken onto the ice. The infamous Mathias Kohler skated onto the frozen floor, and proudly held his stick up above his head. The crowd screamed as the rest of the team skated onto the ice.

"Well folks, you can definitely see the tension growing between the two teams as they wait for the puck to be dropped," the announcer commented.

You peeked over some of the heads of the other hockey fans. You noticed Matthew was eagerly awaiting for the puck a centre ice, Mathias mimicked his anticipation. The Dane glared at the quiet Canadian, as if he was trying to intimidate the blonde haired man. You knew that there was no way Mathias could intimidate Matthew when he was on the ice.

The referee blew the whistle and the puck came crashing down onto the ice. Immediately both Mathias and Matthew smashed their sticks against each other as they tried to get the puck. The harsh sound of their sticks against each other filled the arena, as a few Danes in the bleachers cheered on Mathias.

Matthew quickly got the black puck and began to skate towards the Danish net. Mathias had quickly noticed the puck's absence and skated rapidly towards Matthew. The Dane shoved his shoulder against Matthew's; which caused the Canadian to smash into the boards and lose the puck.

Mathias turned around and began to skate towards the Canadian net, he narrowly missed every opposing member. Except for Matthew, the blonde Canadian came from behind Mathias and roughly pushed him away from the puck. Sadly, another one of the players on the Danish team got the puck and headed towards the net. Mathias cast Matthew a smirk before going up to meet his team mate.

Mathias' team mate, passed him the puck which the Dane gratefully accepted. Mathias lifted his stick up, and forced into to come crashing towards the side of the puck. The black object flew through the air and straight into the net. The buzzer sounded signalling the Dane had indeed scored a goal.

"Come on Mattie I believe in you!" you screamed over the cheering over the other Dane fans.

He looked towards you to see you jumping up and down, shaping your hands into a heart. He smiled as he returned the heart to you, his violet eyes shone brightly as he looked at you.  You returned the smile with a small blush and buried your face into the stuffed bear's fur.

It was third period and it was tied one-one. You didn't give up hope though, you knew the Canadian team could pull through. Eight minuets remained in the period and at the moment Matthew and Mathias were butting heads as each fought for control of the puck.

Finally Matthew managed to forcefully push Mathias off and grab the puck in the process. He stormed towards the opposing net, his skates scraped across the ice which caused soft snow to begin to form in the cracks of the frozen water. Your eyes trailed on the Canadian as he travelled across the rink, like a burning flame.

"Come on Matthew!" you screamed as you jumped up out of your seat. You held the bear over your head, as you screamed in-audible noises of encouragement.

Your screams of encouragement gave Matthew a small push, which caused him to travel even faster towards the net. Lifting his stick up he hit the puck as hard as all his might could muster. The puck soared through the air, cutting through it like a knife. The goalie of the Danish team tried to grab it.

The next few moments slowed down, as if time had slowly came to a halt. Matthew eagerly waited, and hoped to hear the buzzer. He watched as the Danish goalie tried to block the shot, but missed. A large smile tugged at the Canadian's face as the puck hit the back of the net. The buzzer sounded from above, signalling the end of the game and Team Canada's win. Matthew's team mates dog piled on him as they celebrated their win. You jumped up and down and cheered loudly along with the other Team Canada fans.

"I knew you could do it Matthew!" you screamed, knowing very well he couldn't hear you over the mass cheers of the arena. You smiled gleefully as you watched the praise your best friend got. "I knew you could do it," you breathed.

You briskly walked the empty hallways of the arena in search of Matthew. You had been waiting for him to get out of the change room for almost an hour, but he hadn't shown. Worried, you immediately began to search everywhere for the sky Canadian.

You hugged the polar bear closer to your body as you entered back into the bleachers. You heard someone softly singing. You glanced up to see Matthew walking on the ice, smiling as he sang to himself.

"Oh the good old hockey game, it's the best game you can name," he sang as you stumbled onto the ice.

"Mattie, I have been waiting almost an hour to go back to the hotel." you laughed as you slipped on a patch of slippery ice. "Damn," you grunted as you fell on your butt.

"A-Are you alright?" Matthew stuttered as he briskly walked over to you.

"Yeah I am fine, ice doesn't like me very much." you joked as Matthew helped you up. "I also got you something," you smiled.

"_-___, you didn't have to-"

"Nonsense, you're my best friend. You just won a huge game against Denmark, of course I am going to get you something." you laughed as you handed Matthew the Canadian polar bear.

"T-Thanks," he blushed as he hugged the bear close to him.

"I always find it funny that you're so tough on the ice. Yet in real life you're such a sweetie," you gushed as you looked down at your shoes.
"I-Uh, I." Matthew stuttered as a bright red blush painted his face.

Taking in a sharp breath Matthew gently brought your face to meet his. You stared into his purple hued eyes, as he debated whether to continue. Matthew nervously closed his eyes as he smashed his lips onto yours. Startled you jumped back, but Matthew snaked an arm around your waist to keep you close. You shut your eyes in bliss as you kissed him back.

"Such a sweetie," you repeated as you nuzzled your face into his chest. "Except when you play the good old hockey game," you pointed out, which caused the Canadian to blush.

Oh! The good old hockey game. Is the best game you can name; and the best game you can name. is the good old Hockey game!
This is about the upcoming Canada vs Denmark game. I heard it was either in Stockholm or Helsinki, not sure which exactly. This is also in memory of an amazing Canadian named Stompin' Tom Connors. I love this song, and you were one amazing person, may you rest in peace. There is a headcanon in here, and it was about Matthew being on the ice.

I do not own Hetalia or the preview image. All credit goes to the respectful owners. Source: [link]
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then canada says: i'll show you just how 'tough' i am..
CupcakesYum1 Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconiggybrowsplz: if you know what i mean...
Alphonsie Jun 19, 2013  Student Artist
im not one for hockey but this was wicked !
So cuteeeeeeeeeeee!
When they said sing the national anthem, was I the only one who sung the Canadian one?
Awwe, This is just epicly cute~ ^^
I think this makes what, four times that I've read this? I need to go outside... :iconcanadasulkplz:
don't :iconcanadasulkplz: I don't go outside much ether
Aww! So cute! I love Canada-kun!!
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