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March 10, 2013
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"I'll see you later." Your friend Mathias said as he kissed your cheek and handed you a white flower.

"Bye." You smiled as he walked off to go see the other Nordics.

You sighed as you examined the flower in your hands. You were at a park sitting on the edge of a large foutain that inhabited the middle of the park.

"Hey _____!" You heard a voice called you turned to see your friend Elizaveta running towards you carrying her usual frying pan.

"Hey Eliza." You smiled weakly, she came and sat next to you, resting the frying pan by her feet.

"What's wrong?" She sighed knowingly.

"I think you know." You sighed, smelling the flower Mathias gave you.

"I remember when you absolutely hated his guts." She laughed recalling the first day you met Mathias.

"Hey! Don't blame me! You know I just went through a really bad break up, he was exactly like most guys! Hell he still is!" You defended.

"Ah but ____, that's not how I remember it." Eliza laughed.


It was the first day back to school, it was you and your friend Eliza's senior year. You should be happy, most students were since for some it'd be their last year. Not you, no you had just went through a terrible break up only weeks before that has scarred you. You didn't believe in love anymore, it was like a foreign language, you hated the word so dearly. The ordeal has made you hate men as well too, well all except for Eliza's boyfriend Roderich, he was nice to you and him and Eliza would comfort you when needed.

"Hey Eliza!" You heard a voice call out to your best friend who you were walking beside, you looked up to see a very tall man with spikey blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes.

"Hey Mathias." Eliza smiled.

"Who's your friend?" He winked, causing you to grunt in disgust. "Well it's nice to meet you too." He sarcastically said, causing you to roll your eyes. "Well it was a pleasure, I'll see you around Eliza. Nordic 5 is out!" He demanded causing the four other people behind him to follow.

"Pig." You sneered, causing Eliza to laugh as you made your way to History.

"We're doing our History project on the Holocaust!" You yelled at your partner Mathias.

"No, we are doing it on the Nordics! For I am King of Nothern Europe!" Mathias declared.

"In your dreams!" You sneered.

"Now wouldn't that be a good dream." He winked.

"You're so annoying!" You complained.

"You're bossy!" He retorted.

"I learn from the best." You sang.

"So you agree, I am the best?" He winked.

"Damn." You whispered.

"I win!" He laughed.

"Hate you." You spat.

"Feelings are mutual, now if you excuse me I need a beer." He smiled walking out of the room.

End of flashback

"That wasn't even the half of it Eliza! He would always tell me he was hooking up with these girls. Ugh it was horrible." You groaned, Eliza was just laughing.

"But now you know, he isn't all that bad. He is a sweet guy, who is really stubborn but still sweet none the less." Eliza smiled.

"I know! I know that's why he's my best friend now, if there was a prize for rotten judgement. I would've already won that." You sighed. "He doesn't like me like that anyway, and no man is worth that! I'm done with love, it's ancient history to me!"

"Mathias is worth it." Eliza sang.

"I don't like him!" You protested.

"Who do you think you're kidding? Not me that's for sure!" She stated.

"It's way too cliche!" You defended. "I'm not in love. You know you'd think my heart would learn it's lesson."

"See you do love him!" Eliza yelled in happy glee.

"No, I didn't say it! I won't say it!" You protested.

"Why do you keep denying it!" Eliza said, you looked down at the flower Mathias has given you. "See that grin! You're in love!"

"I won't say it!" You stated getting up from your spot on the fountain and walking away from Eliza down the path.

"You love him!" She sang chasing after you.

"Get off my case! I won't say it!" You yelled walking faster.

"___! It's okay if you're in love!" Eliza stated.

"At least out loud, I won't say it." You whispered.

"Won't say what?" You heard a voice laugh, you stopped in your tracks and looked up to meet the dazzling blue eyes that belonged to the handsome Dane.

"She won't admit she's in love!" Eliza called out, you turned around and gave her a death glare which caused her to laugh.

"Oh, in love with who?" Mathias smiled, but a hint of sadness was in his eyes.

"You!" Eliza called out again.

"Shup your trap!" You yelled at her.

"Oh, so someone has fallen in love with the King of Nothern Europe?" He stated smugly.

"No." You blushed looking down at your feet. "I've alread told you Mathias, I don't want my heart broken again."

"____, look at me." He softly demanded cupping your cheeks, which forced you to look at him. "I know what happened to you, and I would never, ever do anything to ever hurt you. Jeg elsker dig ____." You suddenly felt a pair of soft lips on yours, you wrapped your arms around Mathias neck, still holding the flower and melted into the kiss.

"Now will you say it?" Eliza asked from behind you.

"I guess, I am in love." You smiled.

"As am I." Mathias laughed brushing a piece of hair behind your ear. "As am I."
Third story in my Disney Hetalia series. I do not own Hetalia or it's characters, I do not own Disney or the videos, I also don't own tou or the preview image. I do however own the plot.

I Won't Say I'm In Love-


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Nordics: Coming Soon!
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