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March 10, 2013
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"All right, let's get down to business." Ludwig, the personification of Germany demanded.

"Ve! Pasta!" The small Italian shouted from beside you, causing you to laugh. You and Feli the personification of Italy both earned a cold glare from the German.

"Mein gott! Ve need to defeat the Allies!" The German yelled.

"I agree with Mr. Germany." Kiku who happened to be the personification of Japan stated.

"Lighten up Ludwig, they haven't attacked yet. Why must you always make the first move?" You asked crossing your arms over your uniform clad body.

"I don't know vhy I even allowed you in. I need man power, not girl power." The German said coming face to face with you.

"I am just as good as you could ever be!" You stated.

"You und Feli are the saddest soldiers I have ever seen. But by the end of today, you'll be a true soldier." Ludwig declared. "Now, three laps everyone. Let's go!"

You groaned as you trudge your way over to the race track and began to stretch. Ludwig had already began to ran the mile long track, Kiku close behind him. Italy was instead chasing after a little grey kitten that wandered on to a nearby field. You laughed at the sight of the Italian, sure he might have not been the strongest or anything. But Ludwig seriously needed to lighten up.


After the gruelling hours of running laps and doing push ups. Ludwig was now making you all do some kind of balance training. To some it would look like yoga, Hell it was yoga. Except when Ludwig does it, then it's some kind of 'balance training.'

"You must be tranquil as a forest but on fire within." He stated as he put his leg on his calf and bringing his hands down in a prayer position in front of him. "Once you find yer centre, you're sure zo win." He smiled. For a guy strong guy like him, he sure has good balance. You tried to copy his moves but ended up losing your balance and falling on top of Ludwig who had stood beside you.

"S-Sorry Ludwig." You blushed as you climbed off the blond man.

"Ist's fine frau." He sighed angrily as he got up himself. He turned to face you giving you a harsh glare. "You're a pathetic excuse for a soldier." He sneered. "Some how I'll make a soldier out of you." He spat causing you to flinch from his words.

"I am just as good as you." You retorted.

"Kein vay in Hell." He stated walking away from you.


After some more gruelling hours of training, Ludwig made you and Feli do more laps since you both weren't up to par with what he wanted in a soldier.

"I am-a never, going to-a catch my breath." Feli panted as he trudge along the mile track. "I-a hope, we don't-a meet Russia. He-a scares me!"

"If you do, say good bye to those who knew you." You laughed, which caused Feli to immediately pale and stare at you with wide eyes. "I really should've taken P.E." You complained grabbing your side to try and sooth the cramp you have gotten from running.

"You know-a ____. Ludwig isn't-a always this-a mean. He-a usually is really nice!" Feli smiled as he jogged beside you.

"Ever since I've joined the Axis, he's been really dealing out these training rituals." You grumbled.

Yet I've still somehow fallen for him, you smiled to yourself. Hopefully he won't see through my facade.

"Come on! Time for some training in the vater!" You heard Ludwig yell in the distance.

"I really-a wish, I knew how to-a swim!" Feli cried as he ran towards Ludwig's voice.


"Come on _____! Sei ein Mann!" Ludwig yelled at you as you tried to swing a punch at him.

"How the Hell are you so swift?" You panted barely dodging a blow.

"Four rules to becoming a vell trained soldier. One be swift. Two have force like a great typhoon. three fight with all the strength of a raging fire. Four be mysterious." He smirked.

"Well I got one of them down." You smiled.

"Really vat one?" Ludwig asked letting his guard down giving you an opportunity to kick him in the side.

"I'll let you figure which one." You laughed, as you turned around and walked away from Ludwig.

"Time is racing zowards us till the Allies attack!" Ludwig yelled, you, Feli and Kiku were now lined up in a straight line in front of him.

"How do you even know they'll attack first?" You asked.

"Russia scares-a me!" Feli cried as he ran and hugged Ludwig's leg.

"Get off me!" Ludwig yelled as he tried to shake Feli off his leg. "____? May I speak vith you for a moment?"

"Uh sure." You replied as you walked over to Ludwig who had finally shaken Feli off his leg.

"I vant you to pack yer things and leave." He stated trying to avoid eye contact.

"What? Why?" You questioned.

"You aren't suited for this var." He stated.

"Yes I am! I am just as good as you!" You defended.

"Nein, you aren't. You know that you could never go against the Allies. Stop zrying to prove yerself." He demanded. "I could never make a soldier out of you!"

"Fine, suit yourself." You stated as you walked away, you brushed past the shocked expressions of both Kiku and Feli and grabbed your things from the bunkers. You took one last glance at the field were you saw the boys training.

Bye Ludwig you stated sadly.

You started to walk away, you didn't know where you were heading but you continued walking anyway. With every minute you walked farther away from camp, farther away from the safety and farther away from Ludwig.


A branch snapping awoke you from your sleep. You had found a tree with a long enough branch to sleep on that night. You heard whispering below and looked over to see both France and England quietly fighting with each other. You were frozen for a bit unsure of what to do in this situation. You heard their hushed plans from above to attack Ludwig and the rest at the break of dawn.

"You bloody git! Hush up their camp could be anywhere around here!" The English man snapped at the Frenchman, you quietly jumped down from the tree and grabbed a nearby branch that had fallen.

"Sh, did you hear zat?" The Frenchman hushed.

"No you wanker, now c'mon let's go find the other." The Brit stated.

"Not so fast!" You stated holding the stick.

"Didn't Ludwig kick you out of the Axis?" England asked surprised to see you.

"Yes he did, but you see I was trained by the best. I as well learned the four things to become a well trained soldier." You smirked.

"I am not fighting la fille!" France protested, giving you the perfect opportunity to swiftly kick him in the side.

"If you just go away, I can promise you that Ludwig will not attack." You stated, you then noticed a large figure moving closer to were you where.

"Leave her alone da?" Said the Russian voice.

"She knows the plan!" France cried.

"We can just take her back to my place then." Russia stated.

"Uh, I. Um, no thanks I am going to be leaving now." You stuttered, you have never been trained for a situation like this. Especially not with the big nation of Russia.

"Not so fast, love." England said as he clamped a hand down on your shoulder. You tried squirming out of his grasp kicking and yelling for help.

"Let her go." A deep voice said. You whipped your head up to see Ludwig standing there with Feli clutching on to him. "Vould you let go!" He snapped at Feli.

The Allies were stunned for a moment, you took this opportunity to your advantage. You grabbed Arthur's hand and swung him off you and into the tall Russian knocking them both to the ground.

"Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!" You ushered as you grabbed Ludwig's hand and dragged him along as you ran away from the three Allies. Feli ran behind you guys crying for you not to leave him alone. You finally made it back to your old base camp panting. You noticed your hand was still tightly in Ludwig's. You felt a hot blush crawl onto your cheeks as you let go of his hand.

"You're an idiot frau." Ludwig said in between pants.

"You're the one who told me to go home! I can't help that I just so happened to run into them!" You retorted.

"Vell you didn't have to fight them!" He yelled.

"They were going to attack you at dawn! I couldn't let them do that." You confessed, Ludwig just sighed in frustration. "Why did you tell me to go home? You saw what I did back there! I was so bad-ass!"

"I told you to go home, because I didn't vant you to get hurt." He admitted. "I understand that you're a very good fighter."

"If you knew I could've handled myself! Why were you so worried that I could've gotten hurt?" You demanded.

"Ich liebe dich." Ludwig stated, a rosy blush appearing on his cheeks.

"I love you too Ludwig." You confessed hugging him tightly, his arms snaked around returning the hug. He tilted your chin up and planted a soft kiss on your lips. You smiled and began to run your hands through his blond hair.

"Germany! Germany! I have-a bruise!" You heard Feli cry, causing Ludwig to groan.

"Sei ein Mann, Feli. Sei ein Mann." Ludwig laughed as he planted another kiss on your lips.
Fourth in my Disney Hetalia series. I do not Hetalia or it's characters. I do not own Disney or the videos. I do not own you, you belong to Ludwig. I also do not own the preview picture. I do own the plot however.

I'll Make A Man Out of You-

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