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April 6, 2013
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It was a gorgeous summer day. The sun was shinning bright in the cloudless bright blue sky. You walked hand in hand with the little girl you were babysitting, Aryra. After an enormous amount of begging and whining, you had finally agreed to take her to the nearby park. Her green eyes grew big as the two of you neared the crowded park. She immediately let go of your hand and ran straight towards the swings.

"Push me!" she giggled as she climbed on the swing.

"Yeah I'm coming," you laughed as you made your way over to the little girl.

Except you never did get to her. You felt something ram into the side of your leg causing you to fall onto the pavement of the side-walk. You groaned as you sat up rubbing your head.

"Lovino! I told you to watch out for other people!" a voice scolded.

You opened in your eyes, revealing a small boy on a tricycle and a tall man scolding him. The little boy had dark brown hair with the most precious curl sticking out from the side. He looked like he was in a huff and didn't want to listen. The tall man had messy brown hair and the most stunning green eyes.

"Are you alright chica?" the tall man asked walking over to you with a worried expression.

"Y-Yeah, I'm good," you chuckled.

He offered you his hand which you gratefully took. He pulled you up to your feet; for a while you two looked into each other's eyes. His grip never leaving your hand.

"Sorry about Lovino," he laughed looking away. "He tends not to listen."

"It's alright, I know how it feels." you blush as you pulled your hand out of his.

"____! Can we play tag?" Aryra asked tugging on the fabric of your shirt.  "Oh who are you?" she asked with a large grin looking up at the green eyed man.

"My name is Antonio," he smiled bending down to her level.

"And what is yours bella?" he asked Aryra.

"Aryra!" she cried happily, "This is ___!" she exclaimed running up to you and hugging your leg.

"Nice to meet you chica," Antonio smiled.

"You jerk! Get away from me!" you heard Lovino screech.

You looked over to see another boy who looked like Lovino trying to hug him. This new boy had light brown hair. Lovino ran over to Antonio in a huff screaming at the other boy.

"Lovino, be nice to your hermano," Antonio demanded looking at the two.

"Who is that bella ragazza? Is she your girlfriend Antonio?" the light brown haired boy asked.

"N-No, Feli. I just met her," he blushed picking up the small boy.

"Is he yours?" you asked blushing.

"N-No, I am babysitting him and his brother Lovino. I am assuming you are babysitting as well?" he questioned.

"Yeah I am," you nodded.

"I heard you were going to play tag! Can me and my fratello play too?" Feli asked as he nuzzled into Antonio's arm.

"Sure thing," you smiled, ruffling his hair. You noticed he had a similar curl to Lovino only it was on the opposite side.

"You're it jerk!" Lovino grumbled as he punched Antonio's leg.

Immediately Feli clambered out of Antonio's arms and ran away. Aryra had taken off as well, she was now hiding behind a large pine tree. This left you and a smirking Antonio, he began to walk towards you. You began to run away from him, running as fast as your legs would allow you to.

The game went on for quite a while. Antonio had never managed to catch anyone. If he even went near Lovino, the tiny boy would kick and punch him. Feli would cry and run to hide behind you, and Antonio just never seemed to run after Aryra.

You on the other hand, he went after a lot. This left you extremely breathless after a while. You thought you'd finally outrun him, so you decided to take a breather on a nearby swing. Your breathing started to go back to normal as you swung slowly back and forth.

"Boo," a voice whispered in your ear causing you to jump off the swing screaming.

You felt arms wrap around you in a tight hold. You tried squirming free but it was no use. You looked up to meet the familiar eyes of Antonio.

"You're it," he laughed as he let go of you and began to run.

You laughed as you began to run after him. In the distance the sun was setting, casting purple hues over the grassy park. You laughed as you chased after Antonio who kept zig zagging back and forth.

He ran behind a tree, where he found a sleeping Feli, Aryra and Lovino. All three were cuddled up against another peacefully snoring. You were about to tag Antonio, when you noticed the sleeping children. Your heart melted at the adorable sight before your eyes.

"Isn't that cute chica," Antonio smiled.

"It is adorable," you agreed. "I better take her home though, her parents well be back soon."

"Si, same here bella," Antonio stated as he bent down to pick up Feli and Lovino in his arms. Both boys immediately nuzzled into his arms, their soft snores filling your ears.

You giggled as you bent over to pick Aryra's sleeping body. "Thanks for today, it was nice meeting you." you smiled, looking at Antonio.

"It was nice meeting you too bella," he stated.

"Is that Spanish?" you questioned.

"Si, I moved here from Spain four years ago." he stated proudly.

"So what does bella mean?" you asked adjusting Aryra in your arms.

"Beautiful," Antonio blushed.

"O-Oh, well gracias." you blushed turning your head to the side. Antonio smiled as you spoke in his native tongue.

"So you speak Spanish?" he asked eagerly.

"No sorry, I only know that from Dora." you mumbled, blushing even brighter.

"Well, I could teach you some words." he offered.

"R-Really?" Antonio nodded, "I'd love too," you smiled.

"Great bella, here's my number." he stated as he struggled to get his number out of his pocket.

He managed to grab it and hand you the tiny slip of white paper. You were about to leave, but you felt a pair of lips on yours. You smiled as you kissed back.

"Adios bella," Antonio said as he turned to walk away from you.

"Wait what does bella mean again?" you called out to him a sly smile on your face.

"Beautiful!" he called back to you as he turned around to keep walking away.

"Now I am glad, you begged to go to the park." you said to Aryra as you began to walk back to Aryra's house.
I was babysitting my neighbour's kid today, and he had run into me with his bike. So this popped into my head, since Antonio loves kids and all (as do I, we're soul mates).

Any who, I do not own Hetalia or it's characters. I do not own the preview image, I found it on Fanpop all credit goes to the rightful owner.
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GlazeTheNeko Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I-its ok... I only know that from dora too :pokerface:
ChibiJessie Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Student General Artist important part of life Nerd 
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"I only know that from Dora." 

Me: =__= ......... Naruto Dancing 
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Let's go to the park. Whoever meets a sexy spaniard first wins
katy221 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Student General Artist
"Now I am glad, you begged to go to the park."  XD
Lunastar125 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Dutchnyn Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
So in America or UK Dora teaches children Spanish, and in the Netherlands English...
no-one-ever-knows-me Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  New member
Dora teaches english in Italy too
LexiStorm69 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013
Really? I didn't know that. I'm from Australia and Dora teaches us Spainsh but I never knew about the Netherlands fact.
Dutchnyn Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, well, you know now^^ But I'm from the Netherlands anyway, so that's why I know that. 
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