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You were sitting in the quad of your boarding school. It was a beautiful spring day, very late in the afternoon to be precise, the birds in the surrounding trees chirped a merry tune. The sun was high in the sky and fluffy white clouds painted the light blue sky. The marching band was practicing in the distant, the woodwinds play their beautiful tunes. The strings played alongside them harmonically.

The choir had also taken up residence in the quad their precious medleys blurring together in pure elegance. You smiled to yourself as you sat in the shade under a large tree, contently reading your favourite book. School is over for the week and you had the weekend to enjoy yourself.

Little did you know not to far away in the crowded quad, a handsome young gentleman had been starring at you for the past five minutes.


"Arthur! Dude!" Alfred called snapping his fingers in front of his friend. He has been starring at a girl for the past five minutes. "Arthur!" Alfred decided to give up since it was no use, he sat beside the young Brit and groaned. As if he was in a cartoon a figurative light bulb shone brightly above his blonde locks.

"There you see that girl, sitting over there. You've never really talked to her, but there's just something about her dude am I right?" The American whispered into Arthur's ear, but the dashing young Brit still didn't move or even blink for the matter. "You've given me no choice bro!"

Alfred pushed himself up from his spot and began walking towards the girl under the tree.

"Hey! Dude sitting under the tree!" He called out causing the girl's head to snap up. "Yeah you! My friend over here is dying to try and kis-"

The loud American didn't get to finish his sentence, for in a matter of seconds after opening his mouth he had been tackled to the ground. The American looked up to see an ever so angry Arthur glaring daggers at him. The Brit's bushy eyebrows knitting together in frustration and rage. Alfred smiled sheepishly at Arthur before getting up from his spot and running away from the enraged man.


You were still peacefully reading under the shade, that was until you heard someone yelling. You snapped your head up to see what was going on and saw a rather tall man wearing a bomber jacket, his hair gleamed under the sunlight. He was walking straight towards you yelling but you couldn't make out what he was yelling. A few moment later another blonde fellow tackled him to the ground and then proceeded to chase said loud mouth around the quad.

You recognized the fellow who tackled the loud mouth as Arthur Kirkland. He was in your second period Drama class and fourth period History. Over the few projects you both had to do together you've developed a crush on the Brit. Of course you would never tell him that for fear of rejection.

Maybe he liked you back, maybe he didn't. Except you'd never know, you resorted to just thinking about him. Dreaming someday he would kiss you. Sighing you got up from your spot on the grass marking your book in the process. You squinted in the blinding sunlight as your eyes gazed over the quad, you noticed the fountain wasn't very busy so you decided to go over and sit on the edge to watch the sun set.

"You bloody wanker! What on Earth was going through your mind!" Arthur screamed as he hit the laughing American.

"Well it's obvious you like her bro! I was just trying to be the hero!" Alfred laughed.

"Well what if she doesn't like me! Did that thought ever run through your small brain!" Arthur yelled, but his attention was suddenly cut off from Alfred's and onto _____ who was walking past them. He admired her beauty a small smile spread across his face as he watched her sit on the fountain's edge and resume reading her book.

"Arthur dude! Your too shy! You're going to miss her! Some other guy will swoop in and get  her." Alfred pointed out.

"Yeah I guess your right." Arthur admitted.

"Of course I am right! I'm the hero! Anyway, go over and talk to her!" Alfred said pushing Arthur towards the fountain.

"What! No!" Arthur protested, but it was no use Alfred was much stronger.

"Now is your moment dude!" Alfred smiled.

"Alright fine! Just let go of me you wanker!" Arthur said dusting his green uniform off, he cleared his throat nervously and walked over towards the fountain.

"You can do it bro! She is shy remember that, she won't say a word! So just kiss her!" Alfred joked much to Arthur's annoyance.

"H-Hi _____." Arthur blushed.

"H-Hi _____." You heard a British voice stutter, you looked up to see the flustered busy browed man you had fallen for.

"O-Oh hi Arthur." You stuttered closing your book shut and gazing into his jade eyes.

"Do you mind if I sit here?" He asked.

"N-Not at all." You smiled your cheeks tainted with blush.

"S-So how are you?" Arthur questioned, you turned over to look at him.

"Very well and yourself?" You smiled.

"I am fine." He stated.

"I saw you tackled your friend to the ground and then proceeded to chase him like a scene right out of Tom and Jerry." You laughed recalling the sight.

"Oh yeah that. He was just being a wanker." Arthur grumbled.

"Bro! Arthur!" Arthur's friend loudly called out.

"Speak of the so called devil." You giggled as you watched the American run towards you and Arthur.

"Bloody hell! Alfred what are you doing!" Arthur yelled.

But before the angry Brit could yell at the American anymore you felt yourself being pushed and falling backwards into the water. You clothes now clung to your skin, you mentally thanked yourself for not wearing white. As you sat up from being dunked you spat water that had been in your mouth. You began to cough as more water fell on top of you from above. You looked to your right to see Arthur soaking wet as well.

"Love, are you alright?" Arthur asked with concern, you nodded as you coughed some more. "You bloody wanker! What was that for!"

"Bro! You weren't going to kiss her! So I decided to be a hero and push you into the water! I saw it in a movie once!" The American smiled proudly.

"If you referring to The Little Mermaid they were pushed in the water so they couldn't kiss each other! Wait, Arthur you were going to kiss me?" You asked confused.

"Well, I, uh." Arthur stuttered.

"Come on dude spit it out!" Alfred shouted.

"I've liked you for a long time love, I was hoping you'd go out with me?" Arthur blushed turning to face you.

"I'd love to." You smiled, both of you moved closer. Your lips brushed up against his, you wrapped your arms around Arthur's neck causing you to both fall back into the water, you on top of him. "As long as we don't have to fall in the fountain anymore." You laughed as you both pulled away.

"Deal, love." He smiled kissing your wet locks.

In the distance you could hear the marching band still playing and the choir still singing.

"Sha-la-la-la-la-la, music play. Do what the music says and kiss the girl." They sang in harmony.
Fifteenth in my Disney Hetalia series. Why do I always think that my stories suck? Blah! I feel everyone is really OOC!

I do not own Hetalia or it's characters. I do not own Disney or the videos, I do not own the preview image or you. I do however own the plot.

Kiss the Girl-

English: [link]

Other Stories-

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Sweden: Coming Soon!
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Magic Trio: [link]
Nordics: Coming Soon!
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*chases alfred with a chainsaw looking like a psychopathic killer*
Alfred: :iconstephencolbertomgplz: :iconrunrolanrunplz:
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That`s what`s going on my mind in the ending o3o XD
Alfred: I saw it in a movie once!! >:3 America (The Hero) [V2] 

Fake me: Doof, its from little mermaid! And blah blah blah....
Me:HaHaHaHaHaHaHa ' wheres the part where I hit Alfred in the head for getting my brand new outfit soaked in fountain water?
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