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April 27, 2013
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As quickly and quietly as humanly possible, you clambered on to the large yellow charter bus. Glancing over the empty seats you opted to take the one just a few counts back from the driver. Placing your belongings on the seat beside you, you rested your head on the cool metal window sill and waited for everyone else to get on. Slowly and gradually more students got on the bus, and began to disperse themselves amongst the grey plastic seats.

It was almost time for the bus to leave and began making it's long journey to The War Museum. By now most of the seat have been filled up, and the chatter began to rise as friends chatted vividly with others. A loud commotion from outside the bus caught your attention. Glancing out the frosted bus window, you noticed a group of five guys. A tall white-blonde male seemed to be choking a taller blonde male with his tie, their backs were to you. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion at the scene, but soon returned your attention elsewhere.

Loud accented voices soon filled the bus, as heavy footsteps echoed up the stairs and down the aisle. More commotion began to rise, as the group of guys realized there weren't many empty seats. You turned your attention once again to the noisy group, a tall man with glasses immediately pulled a younger male into a seat at the very front of the bus. The tall blonde male from before, pleadingly looked at the white-blonde male. Immediately said white-blonde male grabbed a white haired guy and pulled him onto the seat in front of you.

The tall blonde male awkwardly glanced up and down the aisle of the bus, his blue eyes searching for an empty seat. His eyes finally meet yours, offering a small smile to you he began to walk over to where you had taken residence. You looked at him with a casual glance before sliding your stuff onto the ground, thus allowing him to take the empty seat.

"Thanks," he responded as he took the seat beside you.

"No problem," you smiled before turning your gaze outside, as the bus began to move.

"You're ____, right?" he asked.

"Yes, I am. You're Mathias right? The loud Dane, that never shuts his mouth in History," you commented, not needing confirmation on his name.

"The one and only," he smiled. "But you may call me king of Northern Europe."

"I think I'll stick with Mathias," you stated as your gaze remained outside.

"Do you like cats?" he asked.

"Do I like cats?" you repeated turning to look at him, he nodded in agreement. "Sure, they're nice."

You and Mathias began to talk about more random topics, and you found yourself enjoying his company. No matter the topic, the Dane seemed to be able to ramble on about anything. His smile and laugh enticed you as always, his blonde spiky hair stood out in the rays of the bright sun. His ramblings continued on for the remainder of the trip to the museum. A blush painted your cheeks as you continued to look at the handsome Dane eagerly chatting away.

When the bus pulled up in front of the grey cement building, you immediately jumped out of your seat and off the bus. You didn't want to Mathias to see the ever growing blush that had taken residence on your cheeks. You raced into the building and immediately walked into one of the exhibits.

At this moment you were admiring a large, yellow and orange hued wall, black writing painted the walls. Flags from all over the world hung aimlessly above the large wall. You smiled as you muttered the writing that was on the wall.

"Nine million dead, four empires fell, three new power houses, fifteen countries created." you recited as you stared in awe at the wall.

You glanced upwards towards the flags that hung. You outstretched your arm, grazing your finger tips over one of the flags. You could easily name each one of the colourful fabric rectangles, History and World Culture were your best courses. You walked away from the wall and flags and headed towards another exhibit.

Upon entering the next exhibit you noticed a faint green glow emitting from a nearby by room. You curiously went over to investigate the strange light, and noticed it came from a tiny room. Shredded pieces of stained and worn fabric hung like a curtain of the entrance.

You eagerly entered the room, and noticed it was an interactive trench. You travelled along the winding walls, which accurately portrayed what the trenches actually look liked. Gun shoots echoed through the room, and mannequins acted as if they were about to hop the bogs. You stared in awe at the amazing accuracy that this interactive room portrayed.

Turning around another corner, you noticed something crouched in the darkness in one of the kips. You thought it might've been another mannequin so you peered closer. Suddenly whatever was in the kip had jumped out at you, tackling you to the ground. Your heart stopped, and beads of sweat poured down your forehead from shear terror. A scream escaped your lips, but was soon muffled by a hand.

"Calm down ____, it's just the King," you heard the all too familiar voice of Mathias laugh. You bit down on his hand, which caused him to draw his hand back and hiss in pain.

"What the hell!" you yelled at him, as you thrashed in his grasp. "Why were you hiding?"

"I got bored," he smiled playfully.

"This place is full of interesting things. Where you planning on tackling anyone that walked through here?" you questioned as the Dane stared into your eyes.

"No I was waiting for you," he winked.

"Will you please get off me?" you asked him.

"In a minute I am enjoying this," he laughed.

"Off," you scolded.

"Want to know a secret?" he asked playfully.

"Want to get off of me?" you violently blushed, as another gunshot rang through the room.

"Not really," he smiled nuzzling his face into your hair.

"Okay Mr. King, stop being creepy," you warned. "Please get off of me, you can tell me this secret outside of here."

"Why not here?" he asked as he cast you a questioning look.

"Look what we have here," a white-blonde haired male smirked.

"Hello Lukas," Mathias greeted getting off of you and slinging his arm over Lukas' shoulder.

"Don't touch me," Lukas warned as he shrugged off Mathias arm. "Don't scar her Mathias."

"I won't!" he called out as Lukas walked out of the room.

"Can I tell you the secret now?" Mathias childishly pleaded.

"No one is stopping you," you laughed.

"I knew who you were," he brightly smiled showing off his pearly white smile.

"Excuse me?" you asked with a slight laugh, as you arched your brow.

"Remember on the bus? When I asked you if you were ____?" he stated, retelling the event. "I knew who you were the whole time."

"Then why did you even ask?" you questioned confused.

"Because I wanted to see if you remembered me from History," he said.

"Oh trust me I do, it's hard to forget you." you laughed.

"I like you," Mathias confessed with a large smile.

"I like you too?" you giggled.

"No I like, like you." he stated seriously.

"I see," you nodded. "I like, like you too."

"Yay!" he shouted, as he ran up to hug you. A light blush painted his cheeks as he hugged you tightly.

"You're just a large child aren't you?" you laughed.

"Well sometimes," he stated. He cupped your face, lightly kissing your lips. "I don't think a child could do that."

"Probably not," you agreed. "We should probably be heading back to the bus."

"Can I have a piggy back ride?" Mathias asked giving you the puppy dog eyes.

"No," you stated simply.


"No, now let's go."

"Please? Please?"



"You're a child."

"I love you," he cooed innocently as he kissed your cheek.

The day had passed by, day quickly turning into night. At the moment you were back on the bus heading back home. You watched as you passed by trees and rock walls, all illuminated by the moon's faint glow. Most of the students were already asleep, happily snoring away. You on the other hand couldn't find a comfortable position to fall asleep.

"Having some trouble?" Mathias whispered, careful not to wake anyone.

"Just a tad," you responded moving into another position.

"Here," Mathias offered, pulling you closer to him so that you were now resting on his chest. "Better?"

"Y-Yes, thank you," you violently blushed.

"Anytime," he silently laughed as he kissed your forehead. You could feel your eyelids growing heavy with every second ticking by.

"Big brother!" a voice sharply called.

"I won't say it!" another voice responded.

"Big brother!" the first one stated again.

"I want to be called big brother too!" Mathias proclaimed loudly, causing your eyes to snap open.

"Is it true you and ____ are together?" a Finnish accent voiced to Mathias.

"Yes, you can call it a museum romance." he laughed as he wrapped his arms around you.

"More like being tackled to the ground romance," you grumbled with a slight chuckle.
Okay, sorry I haven't been active guys! I have so many projects and I have finals to worry about. As well yesterday I was in Ottawa on a fieldtrip! We went to the War Museum and Civilization Museum. The parliament building looked like Hogwarts from outside the Civilization Museum. As well, John. A. MacDonald statue looked exactly like my friend's history teacher. Hitler's car was at the war Museum, seriously guys if you're ever in Ottawa go to the War Museum it is so amazing and made me cry. This story is based off my experiences in the museum. The saying that was on the wall is real, I have a picture of it.


If you can name the three new powerhouses and four empires that fell, you get a free story from me. This is now closed, yes I know it didn't last long, but I can't keep it up forever. Answers: Empires; Austria-Hungary, Ottoman, German, British. Power Houses; Soviet Union, America, Japan. Thanks to all those who guessed, bonne chance next time!

I hope this story doesn't suck, I wrote it while sitting beside this kid I didn't know because my friends sucks at sat with one another leaving me to sit with a stranger like always. I also made a new bestfriend at HMV we bonded over Hetalia, my cashier also loved Hetalia xD.

I apologize Denmark is OOC.

I do not own Hetalia, the preview image or The War Museum. All rights and credit go to the respectful owners.
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