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April 19, 2013
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You were peacefully reading a book, while being sprawled out over your bed. The sun shone brightly through the window's pane. Giving you just enough light to be able to see the tiny print that laid on the white paper of your book. While reading your eyes glanced off the page, and began to glance at the white wall in front of you.

After a while you realized you had zoned out, and shook your head to snap back into reality. Your eyes returned towards the print again, and tried to get back into the plot. Soon, you again found your eyes trailing off the page and towards the wall. For whatever reason today, your attention just couldn't be placed onto this book.

An odd feeling hung in the white walled room, causing your mind to start wandering. You marked your page, and placed the book on your night table. Swinging your legs over the side of your bed, you sat there for awhile letting your legs swing back and forth. After contemplating for a few moments you decided to wander about your shared apartment.

You hoped off the bed, your bare feet meeting the cool panelled wood of your bedroom's floor. You walked towards your oak door, and opened it a crack. You glanced up and down the hall, your eyes glancing for any danger that may lie ahead. Opening the door more, you hesitantly took a step into the hall.

"______!" a shrill voice rang throughout the apartment.

Taking another step into the hallway, you reluctantly traveled towards the call. You peered into the living room to see Feli lying on the ground with his hands covering his face. His legs were tucked into his chest, as he sobbed into his hands.

"You alright Feli?" you asked as you crouched down beside him.

"There's a monster in the house!" he yelled grabbing onto your side.

"A monster?" you repeated questioningly.

"Fratello! Fratello!" he cried out for his brother.

"Idiota! What is it?" you heard the familiar voice ask annoyed.

"Apparently there is a monster," you huffed walking over to sit on a nearby stool.

"_-___? When did you get here?" Lovino questioned with a blush as he walked into the living room.

"I live here," you stated confused. "As do you."

"O-Oh right," he nervously laughed, a darker blush replacing his old one.

"Anyway," you commented trying to diverge away from the awkward atmosphere. "Feli what monster are you talking about?"

"The one in the closet!" he cried pointing towards a nearby towel closet.

You gave Lovino a confused look, asking for explanation of his brother's rambling. All the Italian could do was blush and shrug his shoulders. You cast one last glance at a sobbing Feli, before getting off the seat and walking over to the closet. Reaching your hand out, you grasped the cold metal knob and gave it a slight twist. You pulled the closet door to reveal nothing but stacks of semi-folded towels. You shut the door and slugged your way back into your seat.

"Feli," you sighed. "Nothing was in there. There was no monster."

"Y-Yes there was!" he cried again.

"Idiota fratello," Lovino grumbled.

Feli's crying had suddenly seized, his face lightened up a bit. He sniffed the air, as casually as one could. His face lightened up even more so. He had immediately jumped up from his spot and ran into the kitchen area.

"Pasta!' he yelled as he rushed past you.

"Pasta?" you laughed turning to face Lovino.

"Well, I heard his cries earlier and I knew pasta could cheer him up." Lovino confessed with a light blush dusting his cheeks.

"That's really sweet," you smiled.

"N-No, he's an idiot." he grumbled crossing his arms over his chest.

"You know I like it when you're sweet," you confessed under your breath. "That's partly why I love you," you blushed, your words barely above a whisper.

"What was that bella?" he questioned with a scarlet blush.

"N-Nothing," you stuttered getting up to leave. Before you could walk out of the living room, he gently grabbed your wrist.

"B-Bella, I love you too." Lovino confessed, blushing a brand new unnamed shade of red.

"Really?" you repeated for clarification.

"I really do," he stated, forcing you to look into his green-olive hued eyes.
Hesitantly, he moved his face closer to yours. Inch by inch, you could feel his blush's warmth grow greater. His shakily placed his lips on yours, causing you to blush scarlet. You placed your arms around his neck as you eagerly kissed him back.

"Do I need to get you two a room?" Feli asked shocked. You turned to face the amber eyed Italian, who was munching on some pasta.

"No you idiota!" Lovino cried out embarrassed.

"Whatever you say," Feli shrugged as he shoved another spoonful of pasta in his mouth.

"Fratello," Lovino grumbled as he watched his brother walk back into the kitchen. Laughing you went of your tip-toes to place a gentle kiss on his cheek.

"I love you too," you smiled.

"I think you two need a room! That way the monster won't get you!" Feli cried out from the kitchen.

"Was there actually any monster?" you questioned Lovino.

"That will always remain a mystery," he replied.

"See I knew Lovino could do it!" a brown haired Spaniard commented, as he pressed his ear closer to the door.

"Vhy did you have to scare Feli? Now he is going to vant to sleep in my bed," a tall blonde German scolded.

"Ludwig! Ludwig! Is that you?" Feli shouted from inside the apartment.

"Mein Gott," the blonde growled.
Okay, first off I am sorry I haven't posted anything lately or been active at all. I have had so many projects due this week and it had me so stressed out. As well I just recently fell in love with Ouran High School Host Club, oh my so amazing! Well sorry if this story sucks, it was just an idea bumping around in my head. Again sorry if it sucks. This is a prize for :icontomatomatomato12: hope you like it mon cher!

If anyone can reference and tell me the name of the cosplayer or their video that had Italy say "Do you two need a room?" I will give you one free Hetalia x Reader request. I making these reference things, as my new signature!

I do not own Hetalia or the preview image. All credit and rights go to the rightful owners.
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