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March 16, 2013
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You were walking on a long gravel road in the middle of a crisp Autumn night. It was October 31st, the day that demons and vampires roam the streets praying on the innocent mortals unwary of their presence. The faint glow of the moon above illuminated the path below your feet, you were on your way to a so called Halloween party at a supposed haunted house .

You were in the spirit of Halloween though, you were dressed as your favourite element. You wore a dress that flowed in the Autumn breeze. You read the parchment invitation in your hands again, making sure you were going the right way. Inspecting the road in front of you, you saw a house not too far in the distance, a wrought iron gate guarded the decrypted house. You carefully approached the gates and tried pushing them open, but with no luck they were jammed shut.

"Hello! Is anyone out there?" You called out, an owl in the distance began to hoot.

You looked around the yard of the house and saw many grave stones that have been worn and torn over the years. A misty fog set the scene, the house looked like something right out of a horror movie. You saw a candle light in one of the windows upstairs, and in a flash you saw a black shadow move across the window.

These people go all out for Halloween, you thought to yourself.

"Hello! Is anybody actually in there!" You called out again, you then heard the creaking off the gates as they slowly opened catching your attention. "H-Hello?"

"Good evening." A voice stated in a heavy accent, you looked over to see a tall handsome man with strawberry blonde hair and stunning red eyes. When he smiled he flashed pure white fangs, their tips stained in red.

"I-Is the party here?" You asked nervously.

"Yes it is. Why don't you look gorgeous underneath this moon light." He smiled as he took your hand and kissed it.

"U-Uh thanks?" You stuttered.

"Would you like to see something strange?" The stranger asked.

"Uh, you mean the party?" You asked.

"Yes, come along now ____." He stated walking towards the house.

"Wait! What's your name?" You called out running up the walkway. "Wait how do you know my name?"

"It's Vladimir my dear." He smiled flashing his fangs again. "Come along and you will see, this is my house of Halloween!"

"Wow, you really take this holiday seriously." You mumbled under your breath as you walked into the house. It looked exactly like something out of a horror movie.

"Well Vlad what do we have here?" You heard a British voice ask, you looked around to see no one. You then felt a tap on your shoulders, you wiped around to see a cloaked figure holding a wand in his hand. "Hello love."

"Uh, hi." You said arching your brow, you then heard an ear piercing scream. "What the Hell was that!"

"Those damn pumpkins always scream in the dead of night." You heard a new voice say. You looked to see a blonde man with stunning sapphire eyes, he wore a black cloak he held a leather bound book in his hands.

"Well it's Halloween Lukas, we always have to make a scene." Vladimir smirked at the blue eyed male.

"Where's the party?" You asked now having an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach.

"Upstairs love, let me show you." The British man said taking your hand and leading you up the stairs.

"What is your name?" You asked trying to yank free of his strong grasp.

"Arthur." He turned around smiling at you before resuming to walk up the stairs. You heard a low growl below your feet as you stepped on one of the rotten boards.

"What was that?" You asked clinging to Arthur's arm.

"Don't mind him love, he won't bite. Just the creature that lives under the stairs, he was snakes for hands and spiders in his hair!" Arthur smirked, you continued to cling to Arthur's arm as you walked up the stairs. At the top of the landing Arthur pulled you into the closet room. There was a small bed pushed up against the side of the farthest wall. Red eyes glowed from underneath the bed.

"But what the Hell was that!" You cried pointing to the bed.

"Just the monster who lives under the bed. Nothing to worry about love." He smiled taking your hand and leading you to the window.

"Whatever this is! This isn't funny! I want to go home!" You cried now terrified of the situation you were in.

"Please love, don't be afraid I promise none of us will harm you." He whispered kissing the top of your head.


"Come on, I bet you're waiting for the next surprise." He smiled taken the hood of his cloak off revealing piercing green eyes and dishevelled blonde hair, his most significant feature were his bushy eyebrows though.

"I-I mean-" You suddenly felt your feet off the ground you looked down to see you were a couple feet off the ground. You yelped and grabbed a hold of Arthur's waist who floated in front of you. "What is going on!"

"It's a broomstick love, ever ridden one?" He smiled, you suddenly felt a burst of wind hit you in the face. You looked down to see you were now hundreds of feet below the ground, the mist below made it hard to see the grave stones.

"How did we get through the window without shattering it?" You asked wide eyed.

"Magic!" A voice said from beside you, you looked to see Vladimir floating beside you. "Aren't you scared?" You nodded quickly.

"Well that's just fine, come on take a chance." You heard Arthur yell from in front of you.

"I am the one when you call who's there, for I am the one blowing through your hair." You heard the voice faintly whisper as said breeze blew through your locks.

"Who are you?" You asked horrified.

"Don't worry love, it's probably just Lukas up to his no good tricks with his troll." Arthur stated like it was a normal occurrence.

"P-Please stop this I am scared." You cried burying your face into Arthur's back.

"This is our town, it's Halloween all day every day. Now you'll be apart of it forever." You heard Vladimir purr, you then felt the stinging of someone biting you neck.

You then woke up with a scream, you looked around to find yourself in your room covered in your blankets. You then saw three pairs of eyes starring at you.

"You alright love?" Your British friend Arthur asked you kneeling beside your bed holding you hand.

"Y-Yeah, I think so." You panted.

"Nothing to be afraid of! Besides tonight is Halloween! It's going to be a lot of fun!" Vladimir exclaimed.

"Y-Yeah tons of fun. Could you guys get out of my room? I need a moment." You sighed ushering the three men out.


"Don't you blokes think that was a little mean of us?" Arthur asked once out of ____'s room, referring to the nightmare they had cast on _____.

"It was just to get her in the spirit of Halloween." Lukas piped in.

"She'll survive, it's not like she actually knows I am a vampire, Lukas' is an earth elemental, and that you, Arthur are a wizard." Vladimir stated.

"She also doesn't know she is an elemental too though." Arthur said.

"We'll tell her when the time is right." Lukas scolded.


Maybe I should tell the guys I am an elemental, I mean they wouldn't freak out would they? No, they wouldn't. You smirked as you played with  ball of light in your hands.

"Happy Halloween boys." You smirked throwing the ball into the air as tiny light particles rained down on the floor.
Eleventh in my Disney Hetalia series! In this story there is no romance per say, but you all are supernatural creatures. Yes Romania has a thick accent in the dream, I wanted him to embrace his inner Dracula. I made Norway an earth elemental because he has his troll, and trolls are very earth like so yeah.

I do not own Hetalia or it's characters. I do not own Disney or the videos. I do not own the preview picture or you, you can belong to anyone in the Magic Trio. I do however own the plot.

This is Halloween-

Norwegian: [link]

English: [link]

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England: Thanks love. He gets VERY irratating after awhile.
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And that's my conversation with this guy named Gilbert who always comes to my room without me noticing because we're damned neighbors. He acts exactly like prussia. xDD but seriously writer-san!! U R AWESOME!!

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