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April 7, 2013
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You weren't even born yet, when the simple barbed wire and concrete pillar fence went up. Not even a week later, a more permanent fence was built. Concrete blocks and barbed wire divided West Berlin and East Germany and Berlin. You and your parents had ended up living on the East side, which would slowly destroy your family.

By the time you reached the age of four, the wall had underwent another redesign. Now the divider was made up of a large concrete wall and steel girders. Finally by the time you were nineteen, the final redesign of the wall was made. Concrete slabs reaching nearly 12-feet high and 4-feet. A long smooth metal pipe guarded the top to prevent anyone from scaling the wall.

Many people tried to escape the communist society that was East Germany, but many died trying. You've never personally have been near the wall, always wanting to avoid it. Your friends told you horror stories about it, saying No Man's Land was surrounding it. Guards would shoot you down without question if you even so touched the wall.

You didn't know whether to believe these stories, but something at the back of your mind told you truth lies beneath the stories. You also heard stories about how wonderful West Berlin was, how peaceful it was, and how their economy boomed. It was the exact opposite for East Germany and Berlin.

The living conditions of East Germany and Berlin decreased significantly every year. Since many Germans had fled to the West early on, this left a small population in East Germany. This small population began to crumble, due to the fact most of the specially trained workers left early on to go to the West. This left a decreased labour force.

The living conditions weren't the only bad thing about living in East Germany at the time. Your rights and individual freedoms had as well been severely restricted by the Soviet Union.

This night would change your life forever. You were going to make your first trip to the wall. You waited until your parents were sound asleep before you snuck out. You pulled your hood over your head, shadowing your face. Quietly you crept out the front door of your house and into the darkened streets of East Germany.

Your house wasn't too far from the wall, so getting there wouldn't be a big problem. Trying not to get shot down was the real problem at hand. As you jogged down the street you saw the large wall in the distance. Once you got closer to the large concrete object your pace slowed down.

You crept in the shadows as you reached the wall. There was no No Man's Land per say, but the place didn't look that friendly. Your lifted your hand up and touched the concrete, running your hand over the rough texture.

"Wow," you breathed, but not in awe but almost in disbelief that you touched it and weren't shot down.
You had touched the wall, and you didn't die. So the stories were false, fear of the wall was now pushed out of your mind forever. You then pressed both hands against the wall smiling as you did so. The sound of crickets filled your ears silencing the almost depressing silence. You began to softly sing as your hands stayed on the wall. Your voice just above a whisper, just in case the guards hear you.

"As the sun goes down, I'll be here by your side. As the moon comes up and the darkness will rise. Life as we know it can come to an end, but I'll be here by your side, with peace at mind." you softly sang as you grazed your hand against the wall again.

"Fraulein, that vas beautiful," a voice stated.

Your eyes grew wide at the thick German accent. You let out a small yelp before backing away from the wall. You thought one of the guards had heard you, you huddled to the ground waiting for a bullet or something to puncture your skin.

"Don't vorry, I am not a guard." the voice said again.

You put your arms by your side and crawled over to the wall again. You pressed your ear against the cool concrete. Your breathing was ragged due to the fear that had built up inside of you.

"A-Are you on the other side of the wall?" you asked the voice.

"Ja, I am. But again, don't vorry I von't harm you," the voice stated.

"I am ____, who are you?" you questioned.

"I am Ludvig," he laughed.

"It's very nice to meet you Ludwig. I best be going though," you told him as you got up to leave.

"Vait! Vill you come here tomorrow again? Around this time?" he asked you.

"Sure," you agreed before running off back down the street away from the wall.

You and Ludwig had met almost every night you could. It was very easy to sneak away from your parents. They were always fighting never paid much attention to you anyway since the new wall went up. You had just barely made it out of your house when your mother's hoarse voice stopped you.

"Where are you going?" she asked you. You turned around to face the angry looking woman.

"T-The cat got out again," you stuttered, trying to find a good excuse.

"You mean that cat?" she stated pointing to the feline that rubbed against your leg.

"Oh there you are you silly cat. I thought you were a goner," you nervously laughed picking up the tabby.

"I know you've been going to the wall." your mother stated.

"It's not what you think-"

"No, I think it's exactly what I think." she shouted.

"I am not trying to escape I swear," you cried.

"Then why do you insist on going to the wall?" she demanded an answer.

"T-There's a guy there. He's really sweet mom, I've been going to meet him." you smiled with a blush on your face.

Your mom's face softened a bit. "It's too dangerous by the wall. You could've been shot dead. Besides you don't know that man-"

"I feel like I do," you argued. "I feel like I've known him for a long time."

"____," your mother scolded.

"Please mom," you begged.

Your mother shook her head a small smile forming on her face. "Go," she laughed.

"Thank you mom!" you cried putting the tabby down and running our the door towards the wall.

You ran to the spot you and Ludwig had always decided to meet, it was by a giant building on the West side of Berlin. You began to softly sing the song, which was your signal for him to come out of hiding on the other side. You pressed your hands against the concrete hoping to hear his voice soon.

"As the sun goes down, I'll be here by your side. As the moon comes up and the darkness will rise. Life as we know it can come to an end, but I'll be here by your side, with peace at mind. I'll be here, for you when you cry.  Or just think you're going to die," you sang softly pressing your ear against the wall.

You heard no answer though which was strange. Ludwig would always answer after you finished singing.

"Ludwig?" you asked worried.

Silence greeted you again, a flash of light came your way. A loud gunshot rang in the distance on the other side of the wall, which caused you to break into a run. You heard something crash to the ground, almost like a body had fallen. You pushed yourself to run faster as another shot rang through the air. You saw your house on the horizon and quickly bolted around the back.

You crashed to the ground breathing hard. Thoughts of death flooded your mind, but it wasn't your death. You were scared Ludwig had been caught, it would've been all your fault as well. You were the one that told him to meet you tonight. You wanted to tell him that you loved him.

Tears fell down your eyes as you laid on the ground sobbing. Something in the back of your mind knew that he was dead, and it was all your fault.

Why would they shoot someone from West Berlin though?" you questioned yourself. It was the only thing that gave you hope.

It was November 9th, 1989. You haven't been to the wall in a couple months. You felt there was no need, and you didn't want to get caught again. It was late evening and the sun was just setting. You were walking with some of your other friends who chatted away about nonsense. You couldn't help but let your mind drift off to Ludwig.

"I finally found out who was shot a couple months ago," your friend stated.

Your attention immediately snapped towards her conversation. "Who?" you asked desperately.

"Some guy and his friend, tried to scale the wall. One was shot dead on the other side of the wall by Eastern guards and the other escaped before anything could happen to him." she told you with a sad look.

A small immediately appeared on your face. Ludwig wasn't dead. You still felt bad for the other guy, but Ludwig didn't die. You were about to respond to your friend when a loud voice began to yell.

"Permanent relocations can be done through all border checkpoints between the GDR into the FRG or West Berlin." the voice yelled.

You and your friends shared quick glances before running towards the wall. A crowd of people had already gathered around it. Some were chipping away at the bricks. Others were actually crossing over to the other side. You grabbed your friends hand and ran over to the checkpoint that was allowing people to cross over.

"This has to be a joke," you breathed as you and your friend crossed over onto the other side.

A crowd of people from West Berlin were there cheering. Others hugging and kissing loved ones that had been seperated. Your friend had ran off and joined a group of others who were celebrating. Your eyes scanned over the crowd, in hopes of finding Ludwig. It was a stupid idea though, you had no idea what he looked like.

You decided to run through the crowd to the spot you usually met Ludwig. It was by a tall building distinguished by the way the windows were designed. It was the only way you could tell exactly what spot it was. In a last attempt to see if he was here, you began to sing.

"As the sun goes down, I'll be here by your side. As the moon comes up and the darkness will rise. If you're out there let me know, I'll be by your side-"

"Till morning light will rise." a voice finished for you.

No one you knew, knew that song. Only two people, you and Ludwig. You immediately whipped around in the direction of the voice. Standing before you was a tall man with slicked back, blonde hair. His blue eyes glazed over as he began to walk towards you.

"L-Ludwig?" you stuttered.

"Ja," he smiled.

You ran up to him, hugging him tightly. He wrapped his arms around your waist holding you close to his chest.

"I heard the gunshots the one night," he softly cried. "I thought it was you, and when you never came back-"

"I thought it was you," you confessed. "Ich liebe dich, these three years of talking to each other on opposite sides of the wall were amazing."

"Ice liebe dich auch Fraulein," he sighed.

You put a finger under your chin, bringing your face to his. His lips brushed up against yours which caused you to blush. You threw your arms around his neck as you kissed him back happily.

"It's all over," you breathed in contentment. "The horror has ended and morning light hasn't even risen yet."

"I'll always be by your side," Ludwig promised as he held you close again.

The cheers and songs of people happily rang through the night. It was the end of terrible decades. The wall would soon be gone and everything could be hopefully peaceful once again. You looked up into Ludwig's blue eyes and kiss his nose before resting your head on his chest again.

"As the sun goes down, I'll be here by your side. I'll be here for you when you cry, holding you close till morning's light.
Yes, this is indeed a Germany x Reader Berlin Wall story. I just has to though, I love the history of the Berlin Wall. On that note, I did do a hell of a lot of research about it. So that is could be extremely accurate. I never did understand what surrounded the wall, some said No Man's Land some didn't say there was anything to surround it. Anyway I apologize for any historical inaccuracies. I also realize you don't have a German accent but speak German. I didn't feel I had to give you an accent, so don't point that out to me.


I do no own Hetalia or the preview image, all credit goes to the original owners.
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