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March 17, 2013
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"Come chica let's go to the Empire State building." Your friend Antonio suggested.

"Nein, she wants to go vith the awesome me and go to Times Square." Gilbert argued

"I think we have time to do both-"

Non, ma Cherie wants to go to Victoria's Secret with me non?" Francis winked.

"Francis! No!" You yelled but it was no use, your three friends were much louder than you were.

It was your birthday today, and to celebrate it the Bad Touch Trio, otherwise known as Antonio, Gilbert and Francis took you to New York for a couple days. Except it hadn't been the vacation you were looking forward too, you haven't even been here an hour and they were already arguing on where to go.

"Why don't we all just take a walk around New York today? And after that you each get a day to take me to where ever you
wish." You suggested.

"I agree mi amor." Antonio smiled.

"Oui, I do too." Francis sighed.

"Since I am the awesome Gilbert, tomorrow is my day with ____!" He proclaimed.

"Quoi? Non!" Francis yelled.

"No! I get to take ____ around tomorrow!" Antonio argued.

This is going to be a long week you sighed as you tried pulling all three arguing men out the hotel door.

Let's just say, that the walk around New York wasn't the greatest idea you had. Gilbert had first dragged you to central park so Gilbird could play with the other birds even though they weren't as awesome. Antonio then took you to the Bowery Ballroom on Delancey St. Francis decided to as well drag you to St Marks.

"Guys I love each of you very much, but can you please stop dragging me around." You groaned.

The four of you had ended up back in Central Park after a day of being dragged all over the city. You sighed as you sat on the edge of a nearby fountain, the Bad Touch Trio were still arguing over where to go next. You hated when they fought, they're best friends they shouldn't be fighting over anything, especially you.

"Guys I have an idea!" You smiled jumping up from your spot and running towards them.

"What is it chica?" Antonio asked.

"Why don't we just aimlessly wander New York? Don't plan on going anywhere! If we see a street we walk on it. If we see a store that looks cool we'll go into it!" You exclaimed.

"Frau, isn't that a tad dangerous?" Gilbert questioned.

"Hey Gilbert you're streetwise." You replied ruffling his white hair.

"Don't touch the awesome hair!" He stated smacking your hand away.

"Come on boys we got New York in our hearts!" You laughed as you grabbed a stunned Francis' hand and ran off in a random direction.

"Why should we worry about planning? Why should we care? We can have more fun exploring!" You laughed as you spun around on your spot, Antonio grabbed your hand a continued spinning you before he held your waist a dipped you.

"You're right chica." He smiled putting you back on your feet.

"I am always right." You winked.

"Nein, I the awesome Gilbert am always right." Gilbert proclaimed.

"Then what's fourty-two times four." You smirked smugly crossing your arms over you chest and starring right into his red eyes.

"I am too awesome for math." Gilbert poshly said sticking his nose in the air.

"Course you are, you probably don't even know how much a dime is worth." You teased.

"I do so! It's ten cents!" He replied, acting like a child who was trying to be right.

"Good Gilbert." You cooed kissing his cheek.

"So Gilbert iz good at maths, but I 'ave street savoire faire." Francis proclaimed.

All of you walked down the subway stairs and into the underground world. After a long day of exploring, it was finally time to head back to your hotel. As you were waiting for the subway you heard the strumming of a guitar nearby, you turned to see a performer lightly strumming the wooden instrument, his case in front of him filled with coins.

"The rhythm of the city, but once you get it down. Then you can own this town, you can wear the crown." You loudly started singing as you danced to the music.

"I the awesome Gilbert, can dance even awesomer than ____!" Gilbert proclaimed as he danced alongside you.

"Sorry to burst your bubble, but 'awesomer' isn't a word." You laughed as you hip checked him.

"Look at you dance chica." Antonio winked dancing alongside you and Gilbert, after awhile Francis gave in to your shenanigans and danced alongside the rest of you.

"Why should we worry?" You asked the three men.

"Why should we care?" The Spaniard  replied.

"I got street savoire faire!" Francis piped.

"And I am awesome!" Gilbert laughed.

"We can own this town-"

"And vear the crown!" Gilbert said interrupting you. You smiled and pulled all three men into a hug.

"I love you guys." You giggled.

"Ich liebe dich." Gilbert said hugging back.

"Te amo." Antonio smiled.

"Je t'aime." Francis piped kissing your cheek.

You were back at your hotel now after a very long but interesting day in New York. The best part was that it was only day one of your adventure here, and you couldn't wait to see what tomorrow had to offer.

All of you were now snuggled onto the large bed in your hotel room. You had your head rested on Gilbert's snoring chest, with Antonio hugging you from behind and Francis had found a way to fall asleep on your legs.

How on Earth is that comfortable? You asked yourself with a small smile.

This would probably be the best vacation ever, not because you were in a fancy hotel, or the fact that you were in New York. It was the fact that you were in the arms of your three best friends. The same three men who could annoy you to Hell and back, the same men who could cheer you up with just a simple word.

"I love you guys so much, thank you for everything." You whispered a tear of happiness falling down your cheek.

"Don't cry chica." You heard Antonio grumble from behind you.

"Liebe, vhy are you crying?" Gilbert asked rubbing his eyes.

"You could hear me?" You whispered trying not to wake Francis.

"Call it my un-awesome senses." Gilbert laughed kissing your tear away.

"I just wanted to say thank you." You smiled snuggling back into Gilbert's chest, the Spaniard nuzzling into your back.

"It vas no problem." Gilbert said falling asleep again.

"Anytime chica." Antonio said kissing your ear.

"Oui ma cherie, no problem." Francis said kissing your leg where he was laying, he must've finally woken up.

"Don't kiss my leg." You said glaring at the man of 'love'.

"Bonsoir, ____." Francis whispered before falling asleep as well.

"Good night guys." You mumbled falling asleep yourself.
Seventeenth in my Disney Hetalia series! Oh my, did I totally butcher the BTT? I feel like I did :(. I apologize! I love Billy Joel <3 this song is amazing.

I do not own Hetalia or the characters, Disney or the videos, I do not own the preview picture or you. I do however own the plot.

Why Should I Worry:

English: [link]

French: [link]

German: [link]


Other Stories-

America: Coming Soon!
Australia: [link]
Austria: [link]
Canada: [link]
China: Coming Soon!
Denmark: [link]
England: [link]
Finland: [link]
France: Coming Soon!
Germany: [link]
Greece: Coming Soon!
Iceland: [link]
Italy: [link]
Japan: Coming Soon!
Norway: [link]
Prussia: [link]
Romania: Coming Soon!
Romano: [link]
Russia: [link]
Scotland: [link]
Sealand: [link]
Spain: [link]
Sweden: Coming Soon!
Bad Touch Trio: Coming Soon!
F.A.C.E: [link]
Magic Trio: [link]
Nordics: Coming Soon!
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